Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Up early again and had coffee with Donna, then she headed out to work. About 09:00AM I noticed the sun had come out, I decided I would take the truck out and top it off with fuel, Donna took it to work yesterday and came back with 1/4 of a tank, which is where I like to fill it so I will never run out of fuel again. Like on my trip to Iowa last year.
The reason she had my good truck was her dag gummed check engine light came on again, I took it to Auto Zone and the tester showed a bad TPS Sensor, (Throttle Position Sensor) so I thought back and I remembered replacing one last year, I asked if they were guaranteed and he looked it up and yep a 2 year guarantee on the one a I bought last August Great so I got the replacement for nothing and put it on and the light is now off again.
This afternoon the adjuster came to look at our roof, we noticed some damage after the Good Friday storm and we have  had a couple more hail storms since then. He spent quite a bit of time on the roof and when he was done he said they would replace the roof as it was damaged.
So we will have a new roof on the house before we sell it.
The big news for today is it was Nicole’s last day of school so she only has a half day, when she got home we found out that she has been promoted to the third grade level. Grandpa is really proud of her work. I haven’t heard from Adam yet but he should be advancing to the fourth grade without any problem since he’s been on the honor role all year.
That’s about it for today, looking forward to a wet weekend, and then it’s supposes to be sunny Monday. Glad now I didn’t go to the Lake as the kid’s would have been disappointed with no swimming and rain all day.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. When are you and Donna heading back from Wisconsin?? That may be better, as will have a houseful coming in Friday and lots of prep to do...Let us know by email...We may be able to do just Thursday, the 16th..let us know..
    It is always a proud time when the grandkids move on up the school ladder, eh??

  2. Thanks for the invitation, I won't be heading back home/and past your town until the last week in June. I left home Thursday and headed west first through Iowa and today started heading south I am now in Northwest Missouri. After studying all of the weather maps, I didn't want to head south right away. So far it has been dry, we are expecting some rain tonite.

  3. Hey, hey, hey, congrats on the no-cost car fix and on getting a new roof. Free is always a good thing.

  4. Your grands get out of school early!! We go until the second week of June. I can see you are very proud of them, and rightly so.

  5. Great to hear the kids are doing so well in school. Congrats to both of them.

  6. Good to hear the grandkids are on their way up that ladder of success! We need to put a new roof on our house, but hoping we can hold off til next year. It is nice that mother nature at least provided you with a benefit for putting up with all the crappy weather of late.

  7. Way to go Nicole!! Adam must be a smarty pants too.. My Grand daughter got student of the month in high school. Aren't grands just the best thing God ever created? Stay safe.

  8. Hope you have a great weekend Sam!!
    We are hitting the road Sunday morning... Almost ready to roll,,,wow what a job!! Great news on the New Roof and the free TPS.....I'd say you had a good week...
    We'll be safe out there,,,just for you!!!

  9. Good news on getting a new roof through your insurance. Definitely a plus when you come to sell the house.

    Congrats to Nicole on passing to the next grade. They sure finish school early there for the summer holidays. Here the summer holidays don't start until the end of June for elementary school.

    Kevin and Ruth