Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Notes.

Got up early and and had coffee with my bride, them she was off to the truck company. Were back to normal from Holiday routine the last couple of days. Had a nice sunny day with temps in the middle 80’s. Replaced our front flag as it was starting to wear,they only last a couple months when you fly them 24/7 and in all kinds of weather, and with some of the storms we’ve had they take a beating.

Donna said she is topping and picking me up one of my perennial favorites, a hot meatball and cheese Sub, I don’t know where she gets them but they are good and they are big.

My son had to have some dental work today so he is looking and feeling pretty bad.

I am having trouble locating a locksmith and all the big stores with key machines tell me they can’t duplicate the keys for our fiver. Donna lost her set so I may have to call the manufacturer and see what they suggest. I drove up to Wentzville Mo. to my favorite Locksmith and they went out of business in the last couple of months, Tried Home Depot, Lowe’s and WalMart and all of them had key machines but nobody had the blanks to do.

While I was at WalMart they were having a sale on BBQ pits and I picked up a nice two burner for $87. Rigg’s if you remember took our old one for a ride across the back  yard scattering parts and destroying it when he caught his cable for his run on it.

I can see a cookout for this weekend already in our future.


                 Our New $87 BBQ Pit.


                The old ones in the junk pile.

That’s about it for today, hope you all have a great week.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. I think most RV's need to have a special key blank. I know we sold a lot of Jayco key blanks where I worked last summer. The local locksmiths could cut them, but they needed the blank.

    He, that looks like not a bad BBQ for $87!


  2. Looks like a dandy BBQ grill...We have a charcoal Weber and a gas Weber, but Dennis prefers the charcoal one...Hope you got my email about using our drive the night you are here....I will send another with Den's cell phone..or did I already do that??? Duh.

  3. nice new Barbeque!..I can smell the steaks cooking already!

  4. Nice BBQ, Sam. I can already smell the steaks... :)

  5. Don here - I think you will have to go to a RV dealership. They seem to be highly specialized locks and key sets - haven't heard of any other normal places having them when other guys have had to go get keys. Curtis said that the regular 15/40 oil is ok, but recommending synthetic 5-40. Costs more for an oil change, thats what they are recommending. See ya

  6. Have a steak or two and think of us! Oh, and maybe a beer to go with it!

  7. that is one fine looking grill! are you inviting us all over for a steak dinner?

  8. Ah Yes, that Grill will cook some fine meals.....I think you should hook up and take a little trip..
    have fun....Travel Safe!!