Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

First of all Thank you all for your well wishes and support and prayers when Donna had her health incident yesterday, As soon as she got home I put her to bed and she stayed in bed including her supper which she ate there.

This morning she said she felt 100% better and would go into the truck company and just work slow at her desk, I called her a couple times to see how she was feeling and told her if she started to feel tired to come home early. So far she says the medicine is working and she feel better.

I know I am feeling guilty, like I am thinking of myself, when my wife is sick, and worrying about us missing out on hitting the road, the truth is I have been so looking forward to just the two of us and no jobs and no kids, just Rigg’s to worry about and no snow to shovel & plow, that I lose sight of the fact that those plans may have to change if Donna’s health won’t permit it. I am hoping it won’t but life has no guarantee's and I don’t know if I would want to go by myself without her if she was gone. Anyway just have to wait and see what cards are dealt our way.

We are anxiously awaiting Friday morning as we will be having blogger company, Phyllis & Len-THE EAST HEADS WEST, will be arriving, they are going to park their fiver here at the Ranch and then fly to New Jersey from St Louis Lambert Field to visit relatives for about a week and then come back and spend a few days bumming around the St Louis area and visiting here.

Oh and my follower counter last week went from 103 back to 102 and then yesterday I noticed it is at 104, I can’t find the name of the new arrival so send me a comment if you would as I think the counter is acting strange, this is the second time it went down and then up again.

I am really tired myself today so I will cut it short, it’s kind of been an emotional roller coaster for me the last couple of days, so maybe I will try to get some good rest tonight. Last night I tossed and turned worried about Donna. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. So sorry to read about Donna's episode. Sounds like she really needs to be able to take life a little slower - is there anyway she can quit work now? Stress can really take its toll on a person. Hope she continues to feel better.

  2. So sorry to read about Donna's episode yesterday. Glad it was nothing really bad and that she is feeling better. Hope that continues. Stress takes its toll on a person. It sure would be nice if she could quit both jobs and relax.

  3. that is good news that Donna felt well enough to head back to work..hang in there Sam..one day at a time..we all like to look and dream about the big picture but we have no control over what will really happen!..take care of each other!

  4. What a relief to read that Donna is feeling so much beter today. Still, she needs to slow down. And your time will come for sure.

  5. Isn't it amazing how we take our health for granded..And the minute it goes South, we realize how very important it really is...Nothing else matters...You and Donna take care...and keep the dream going!!

  6. Oh wonderful to hear Donna was put to bed... phewww although a lot more rest is going to be in order for her...
    You are a GREAT husband - you so ROCK. My husband was the big boss up in Mammoth last season and one of our gal who was having heart problems - well we went to visit her and I kid you not her husband has the %#@$ to demand his dinner right in front of us. We where shocked.
    So when I see displays of LOVE for his darling wife - the awwww and ohhhhs are so in...
    And Blogger company? Now there is a bonus!! Enjoy, have fun and keep relaxed.


  7. Sam, you are not selfish. We all have these thoughts and will continue to from time to time. I often wonder if Russ's health will permit us to do all that we had planned, but all we have is today. No promises for tomorrow so live life to the fullest and hope for the best...one day at a time.

  8. I was surprised to hear Donna wanted to go back to work after her health scare yesterday. She obviously doesn't know the meaning of "rest"!! You'd better make sure she takes it easy Sam. All the best and I am glad to hear Donna is feeling better, but geesh, take it easy.

  9. Did you notice me waiving as we streaked past Darden Prairie about noon? We had mechanical issues, and had to make KC by night fall. So the wave was all you got, but then I knew of Donna's issues, and assumed that she would be sleeping. At least we were thinking about you as we passed by!

    I can't believe she was at the accounting job again so fast. I was an accountant, and the stress of that is horrible for your health. She needs to take a lot of time off, even if they won't let her. I know easier said than done, but she has to get away and wind down. Rod

  10. Hi, I hope Donna is doing ok. I know all about the fears and stress, my husband was in the hospital 4 times between Aug 2008 and Oct. 2009. A bit of advice: your first priority is to each other. I know you enjoy and love your kids and grandkids, but you must do what is best for you and Donna, even if that means the kids need to be out on their own. My daughter has only been married for 6 years, but I keep telling her when they need to make decisions about things that come up, to make sure they think of what is best for her and her husband. Yes, we need to help others and keep close to our family, but you guys need time for yourselves. My husband and I were guilty of helping others before taking time for ourselves. Sorry for preaching.

  11. I am sorry I missed Donna's sudden illness,,,,,Thank God she is doing better....
    Google Blogger has really been messed up......I don't know if this will post or not, so I won't go into a lot of detail. Just wanted you to know that Ms Pat and I are praying for you both....
    Gosh, Maybe you better just have her stop working and get on with your travel....I know its a big decision and has lots of consequences,,,,but don't wait to long!!

  12. So sorry to hear that Donna wasn't doing well. I hope she is doing much better now and that she sees how important it is to take things easy and to not push herself so much. Let her know we are thinking of her.

    Kevin and Ruth