Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Up at 06:00AM had coffee and read some blogs, We are supposed to a have a cool but sunny day, Donna & I started by getting rid of all the old carpet from the bedroom project that has been stored out on our sun porch, it had to be folded and tied up and then put stacked in the back of the truck and tomorrow I will take it to the dumpster. As long as we were cleaning it, all the wood shavings were picked up and the floor was vacuumed and then wet mopped. It now can used again a a nice screen porch until the weather gets to hot,
                                 Screen porch.
Donna wanted to do some trimming with the chain saw, but I have found over the last couple years since she had her heart procedure, that she just doesn’t have the strength to start it if she stalls it. and the one I have is a 20 inch blade with a pretty good sized motor so it is heavy. Her upper body and arm strength isn’t what it used to be, and I know I get tired of lugging it after awhile.
I decided to get her an early Mother’s day present so I went to Lowes and they had a Poulan 14 inch electric chain saw that was really light in weight and would be just perfect for the smaller stuff she wanted to trim. My gas saws are Poulans and they make a good saw.
                 Donna’s Mothers Day gift.
The best part was it was on SALE for $49.99. I think she is happy with it and I know I will be with not having to walk across the yard when the saw stalls and having to start it again. Oh by the way that is the last time it will see the cook station table top, I had just taken it out of the box for a picture and I hadn’t put oil in it for the chain so I knew it was squeaky clean. The only table it will see after this is one of the work benches or the truck tailgate.
All in all we had a good day and got some stuff accomplished and tonight I will be taking Donna to Country Buffet for supper. She is looking forward to a nice no cooking at home meal with plenty of food.
Rigg’s and Sadie had a good day helping on the porch until they finally got chased for being in the way, As I type this Rigg’s is snoozing next to my chair in the kitchen, it’s hard on a guy to play and work all day so he needs his naps.
Not much else going on on this Sunday in Dardenne Prairie ,Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna….


  1. Nice Saw Sam,,,,,one of the things I like about electric stuff is, the gas don't go bad and the oil don't need changed. There is more reasons, but it always starts too!!

    Take care My friend and I hope the grass gets to growing for you!!

  2. Hmmm... Kind of reminds me of the porta-potti I got as a birthday gift one year! Nothing like a practical gift that you know will be appreciated. :)

    (hope this doesn't post twice, but I'm having a little difficulty with my connection)

  3. I have a Poulan gasser as well but I prefer the electric stuff for the same reason Mike does. Me & small gasoline engines just don't get along so swell!!

  4. We have a Sears electric chain saw for the Hiker...And for the record, any woman who wields a chain saw has a very trusting hubby...just don't piss her of :-))

  5. A woman and her chainsaw...priceless!

  6. Missouri sure is getting soaked. I took I55 and I57 home even though it took me more west than I needed to be. I wanted to avoid the smaller highways because of all the rain. I passed a lot of flooded areas in Missouri and southern IL and met people at the campground in Sikeston that were flooded out of their homes.

  7. I do that too, unbox stuff inside on the island cook top counter. It drives my dear wife crazy, and she will yell at me to take that dirty thing out in the garage.

  8. Hey Sam, if I bought Paulette a chain saw for Mother's Day, the first thing she'd use it on would be me!!!

  9. Nice porch. Loved the Mother's Day gift too!

  10. Love the look of your sun porch...bet you enjoy it a lot in warm weather.

    Had to laugh at the chainsaw gift -that's a new one on me but I agree, a practical gift is usually the best gift. Hope Donna gets a lot of use out of it.

  11. I hope you throw in some flowers too - lol awesome sale price - way to go!!



  12. Your porch looks GREAT! Would love to sit there and sip a cup of coffee with ya----

    Kudos on the electric chainsaw! I had one for years in my motorhome and Steve thought I was silly so he gave it away to my dad. Suddenly he decided that was a dumb idea to get rid of it and now he wanted one! So I got him one for Xmas and he is very happy with it!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard