Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Meanderings.





We were up early for the holiday , looking forward to the parade but it was pouring down rain and did so until parade time at 09:30AM so we decided to cancel for this year.

We spent a nice quiet day just the two of us the rain quit about noon and the sun poked out, My son Andy & Samantha had tickets for the Cardinal Game in St Louis so they were off to watch major league baseball. one of his friends gave him the tickets. Unless you can bag free tickets, a ball game is beyond the reach of the average Joe today, last time Donna and I went the seats were $35 each, a quick trip to the snack bar was almost $30, a beer was $7.50 needless to say you only have one. By the time your done and if you stop for something to eat on the way home you can easily kiss $125 dollars away.

The grill will be fired up for a couple of great looking steaks, with all the anticipation there will be no baked potatoes, Donna went to the potato box and it was empty, I guess my son made a midnight snack of leftover pork steaks and used the last of the potatoes. I guess she will surprise me with the substitute as no stores are open today.

I went out today and finished loading the fiver for the Lake, put my clothes bag in and loaded Adam’s bike on the rack. Then hooked the truck up and turned it around facing out the drive, so I can get an early start. I will leave the house at 07:00AM and then set up and then drive the truck to Warrenton to pick up Adam at 09:00AM. Don’t know if his friend Layne is coming but either way he has friends he plays with out at the Lake.

Have to make a quick stop for milk and bread. that’s about it all the essentials are in there. I try to keep the fridge and drinks stocked for quick getaways. I would like maybe one train trip this summer and then Donna and I want to take Adam someplace for a couple of kid days. before he heads back to school. If Nicole and Chris can get away we will include them also.

We always look forward to meeting our blogger friends so remember we are centrally and scenically located on the east side of MO on I-70 in Dardenne Prairie. Anyone crossing the country east-west is welcome to visit us at the Weeb Ranch. Just e-mail us to make sure we’ll be here and that e-mail address is in our About us.

Well be seeing you from the Lake tomorrow, be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Your kids and grandkids are very fortunate to have you and Donna...I know how much you do for all of them...We love our family to death...but it's pretty quiet here today...and I really don't mind that once in a while...A quiet cocktail hour for McGuyver and me is always welcome...

  2. have a safe journey to the lake!..Happy july 4th!!

  3. I can attest for the RVing stop at the Weibel Ranch! He has a long long driveway to park in, and also Sam will halt all the traffic on the road in his best "policeman" manner until you are safely backed in or backing out...

    Hope you have a GREAT time camping with the grands

    Karen and Steve

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    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ 4th of July ☆ 2011
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  4. Have fun at the lake. And thanks Donna for the tip...never thought to use aluminum foil to clean the grill. Hope the little girl is okay.

  5. Sounds like you have a nice 4th of July even though it was a quiet one and a little on the wet side.

    We love going to a baseball game, but refuse to spend the money once inside the park even with the kids. They charge ridiculous prices for what you get. We feel that as long as people buy stuff at those prices they will continue to sell at those prices, so we just sit back and enjoy the game and keep that money in our pockets. Sure do miss the baseball though.

    Kevin and Ruth