Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Got a little rain last night and it cooled it off to 78 this morning when we got up. The high was supposed to only be 85 with a chance for scattered showers, so if we were gonna do the Pool/Lake today was it, Adam is leaving tomorrow and then his Mom is taking him on a vacation to Florida.

So at noon I packed the three Grands in the truck and headed to lake Sherwood, first thing one of the ladies said as I walked in was, you finally got all three out here at once.I had to laugh when she said you’ll have your hands full with three.


                      Nicole, Adam & Chris.


                     Adam, Nicole & Chris.

They had a ball in the pool and the Lake and we spent almost 4 hours there and came home whipped and waterlogged.

The weather co-operated and it stayed sunny and never got above 85 so it was a pleasant day for a swim.

It is going to be a double header for the kids as Andy & Samantha are taking the three to a show this evening.

That was our day. Hope everyone is having as good a day in blogville as we did. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Have these been exceptionally high temps for your area this year, or is it pretty normal?

  2. Kids + Swimming pools equals BLISS!!! Always love your posts about the grandkids! The only thing missing was Riggs in there splashing along side them.

  3. whipped and waterlogged..good combo when it comes to kids!!!

  4. It's cooler off somewhat here too. Only 68 right now. Think I will get off this computer and take a walk.

  5. Hi Sam and Donna. Love those pool shots. Makes me wish for heat instead of the foggy days we're having here in Central Coast, California.

  6. Sam, it sounds like you know how to show your "grands" a grand time!! Whipped and waterlogged.....spells tired and happy to me!! What wonderful memories!!