Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, July 22, 2011


Was up at 04:30am for coffee with my bride, did some blogging,Then read a train book. It is only 95 degrees today with the heat index down to 109. I saw on KEVIN & RUTH’s blog today that they were in North Conway NH and stopped at the restored train depot and took some pictures for me . One thing really caught my eye and it is below


Not only is the depot beautifully restored, but on the right on the background between the tracks is a rare example of and old manual High Ball signal.When trains approached a kerosene light was lit inside the red globes or balls on the rope and if it was clear to proceed the ball was raised to high position as both are shown in the picture. Usually just the track to be used was raised at one time. This was the origination of the term Highball to get a train going from the station. Pretty neat a little history lesson while your out taking a walk and looking at the scenery. Thanks Kevin & Ruth.

Looks like we will be seeing some improvement here in the weather tomorrows high will be 95, Sundays 96, and then Mon-Tues 88. Looks like we will be getting back close to normal soon. This year we have had all kinds of extremes for weather here in MO. Won’t be surprised if we get another hot spell in August though.

Tried to hang out on Google plus this morning and Rick came on line , but I lost my connection so there still is a glitch, tried it again from the new laptop and the signal would drop out about every 5 minutes, I don’t have that when I use Skype so it must be in Googles program. they did say they are working on improvements.

Not much else to say, tonight is pizza night so that will be supper for Nicole & I. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Wow, it is sure hot there. Hope it does get cooler for you next week. Enjoy your pizza with Nicole.

  2. happy friday and enjoy the pizza!!!

  3. There was a train museum in Carson City, NV that made me think of you, wondering if you'd ever been there or not.

    And I love that new header photo, btw!

  4. Could you send me a piece of your pizza every Friday?

  5. We are now getting that extreme heat.

    Got Donna's email about the cat named Lucky who was not so Lucky (but still alive thankfully.) This one is still living the good life. Funny thing though - ever since we got the new truck, he pukes EVERY TIME he rides in it. Never puked in the old one. We keep a sheet on the back seat. Should he miss the sheet, he might not be so Lucky after all.

  6. Hi Uncle Sam,

    Hurricane season is well under way here on the Gulf Coast. It started with a heat spell/drought that lasted a few weeks. It was so dry here that fireworks were banned county-wide to the beach only.

    Now we are into the torrential downpour/heat spell phase. That means at any given time most days it will be doing one or the other...usually alternately several times between the two throughout the day.

    It's not a big deal, but living here it is a good idea to invest in a sturdy golf umbrella and galoshes. I have a really cool pair of Ed Hardy boots that I just love.


    I will try to run Skype so we can chat some time next week.

    Love you,

  7. Thanks for the history lesson on the Highball. I've always loved trains.

  8. Just trying to get caught up on the blogs. I haven't had much access to the internet. Glad that you enjoyed our train pictures Sam. We know how much you like trains!

    Kevin and Ruth