Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Was up at 04;30AM with my bride and we had our coffee.Then she headed out to the truck company and after that the restaurant.

It was already 90 degrees at 08:00AM so it was pretty much a sit around day in the air conditioned house.

This afternoon Nicole and Grandpa took the truck and went to the Dairy Queen for a couple of Shakes. The OAT on the mirror said 103 degrees, this was at 03:00PM.

The heat wave is supposed to continue until Sunday when the high is supposed to drop to 93 and then 92 for Monday. Who would think that temps in the lower 90’s would be a relief, but I can see some Lake time in our future now.

Rigg’s is still taking his medication, but he is eating fine and seems to be back to his old self and not in any discomfort. Hope he learned his lesson and whoever left the trash bag where he could get at it learned theirs too.

Thanks for all your concern about Rigg’s, as all you know our pets are part of the family and the Riggster especially contributes so much to the quality of life here at the Weeb Ranch that we were worried that he would have to have major surgery. They are like kid’s and you can’t watch them every second and that’s how he got into the plastic trash bag. We keep our trash bags in a plastic container in the sewing room off the kitchen behind a latched door. Someone left the door ajar and when we were sleeping Rigg’s got in and knocked the container over and had a good old time and also got some BBQ pork steak bones and ate some of them. Not only can the bones splinter, but the plastic can get stuck in their intestines. So far he looks good, but we still have to watch him for awhile.

That’s about it for today. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Thank goodness, I was holding my breath. I would have made a comment yesterday, but didn't know what to say that would help.

  2. Great news about Riggs! Attaboy, Riggs!

    Glad to see the Google gods finally approved your admittance to G+, Sam!

    DQ shakes are my favourite too.

  3. Glad to hear that Riggs is doing better. You bet they are family and we love them. Not much of an ice cream fan but during the summer there is nothing like a good old root beer float to make my day. Mostly root beer with very little ice cream. Just the opposite of my hubby.

  4. So glad Riggs is doing good!! Sounds like he is over the worse part....thank goodness!!
    Dairy Queen sounds perfect for a hot day!! Great idea!!

  5. glad to hear that Riggs is doing better..and that you are now part of the 'inner circle' at Google+

  6. Ohhh missed this post! ACK!

    Dang it Riggens, did you pick up some bad habit from Ducky?????