Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday-Wednesday Musings.

Didn’t get a blog out yesterday(Tuesday), had a scare with Rigg’s, Evidently over the weekend he got into a plastic bag with bones in it from pork steaks, well Monday night he woke Donna up at 01:00AM crying to go out, most unusual, then all morning he would cry to go out and try to go but couldn’t. When Donna got home from work I told her about it  and she decided to get him to the vet. After an hour and $200 the Vet gave her two prescriptions and said to have him eat a lot of bread. This morning he threw up some white pieces of plastic bag, and since then has looked like he is feeling better. He has to go back Friday for another look. Moral of the story is make sure all plastic garbage bags are in container or behind a shut and fastened door.

Today Nicole and I were supposed to go swimming if the temperature was cooler like it said on this mornings weather. well at 01:00PM the thermometer read 102 again and Nicole decided she didn’t want to go because it was to hot outside.

I am getting to the point where I will be happy to see a 90 degree day and maybe take the trailer to the Lake for another week of relaxation and pool time. Adam will be back from Fla. next week so I know he will want to see grandpa and tell me about his trip.

Rigg’s just got another piece of bread and wolfed it down, which is good. I guess the Vet wants the bread to go through his system and maybe get some bone splinters to go out with it, we have been giving him a couple slices each hour and his appetite seems normal, which means if you put something in front of his mouth he will eat it.

Just noticed we have our 113th followers, JIM & SANDY-WHERE ARE THE DIXONS TODAY, we have followed them for awhile now and know they are good doggie people. Hope you guys enjoy the everyday adventures here with Rigg’s and our journey to full timing.

Everyone have a safe day out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Glad to hear Riggs is doing better. But watch out giving him bread he will want peanut butter and jelly next.

  2. Oh no, some dogs will eat anything in their way. Seems Riggs is one of those guys. Looks like you have a good vet who knows just what to do.

  3. How scary for all of you. Our girls are little enough that they can't really get into anything. But we sure watch them closely outside. Glad Riggins is feeling so much better. Never heard about using bread before. Give him a big lick from our girls.

    Sorry it took me so long to find your blog. Sometimes I'm really not sure what I'm doing here. But now you're stuck with me.

  4. poor Riggs!..hope he is on the mend!..too bad about the token $200 vet bill!..seems to be the going rate even in Canada!..remember the 'hotspot' incident!..that was $200 also!

  5. And I'm sure you're checking his output at the other end too! PHEW!!

  6. Riggens the Wonder Dog needs to read the fine print on the plastic bags..you know...the one that says do not allow around small children or dogs..(I just assumed he can read, he is soooo darn smart!):-))

  7. That's interesting about the bread, but makes sense if you think about it. I bet whole grain would be best too! Supposed to work for us... lol

    Sorry about the heat wave going on back there in the middle! Come on out to OR! Highs in the 60's!

  8. So glad Riggs is doing better and hope that he continues to do so. That is soooo scary when our doggie children get sick. Keep us updated.

    Yep, it has been hot in the deep south as well but ironically we have had cooler temps than you guys. Our humidity is also high. We had a couple fairly nice days last week but NOT now!! Stay cool!!

  9. Glad to hear Riggs is on the mend even though he's on a bread and water diet!! He's a trooper and I'm sure he'll be as good as new in a few days.

  10. It's always a big fear & concern to all of us folks who have pets as to what our little Darlins are putting in their tummies.

  11. Riggs, I promise to NEVER follow that example....woulda scared me big time. I like to be able to GO...

    Miss Sadie

  12. Happy to hear that Riggs is OK. It is so scary when they aren't their usual selves. We really have to watch Whiskey she will try to eat anything that is food when we walk her, we call her "garbage guts", you would think we starve her the way she is always looking for food. Hope you can make it up to the lake next week.

    Kevin and Ruth