Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Today started at 06:00AM with coffee with my bride, she slept in for a bit since she is off at the truck company today.

Thursday she had stopped to get the oil changed on her Escape, she had a coupon for a $14.99, since I almost can’t buy the oil and filter for that, I said sure have it done, When she came home she said the place that did it. Auto Tire, told her it needed front brakes and gave her an estimate of $300 to have it done. I told her that is why they put those coupons in the paper to get you to come in for an oil change and look for other work but I would check it Saturday morning when both cars were here.

I jacked it up and yes both side were below 50% of the front pads as I knew they would be since I had checked them last fall. Since I have lifetime pads, I took the old ones off and took them to Auto Zone and got my replacements free, the rotors spec’d out on the micrometer and could be reused. So other than the labor of jacking and removing the wheels and brake parts I had no out of pocket expenses, I even came out ahead as I had a set of brakes for one of my sons cars that was wrecked two days before we were going to put brakes on it, so I returned them for a cash refund.

In all fairness to Auto Tire, pads are $39.99 a set and rotors if they need replacement are $50 apiece so you would have had about $140 in parts and the rest labor, which is not out of line since most shops get right at $100 an hour for labor.

But free is hard to beat even on a hot day.

As I type this at 05:30PM it is 97degrees with a heat index of 107. Both dogs are happy to be laying under the ceiling fan, and next to the A/C duct near the kitchen table, do they have the life or what.

I am trying to keep hydrated with a couple of High Life Lights. Hey, don’t want to take any chances in this kind of heat. I remember when I was a boy my Dad & Grandfather would sit at the kitchen table with tee shirts and shorts on with a wet towel wrapped around their necks and have a couple cold ones on a night like this, no A/C back then. but fans that sounded like a propeller plane racing up.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Good thing you are mechanically inclined...that's a good chunk of change you just saved. Stay cool...

  2. Warm here today too but certainly not like you are having. Ice tea for me right now. Just can't seem to get hydrated. So, would the Miller help?

  3. One needs to stay hydrated in such heat! :)

  4. Stay cool back there - wow that's hot. You seem to have it figured out though. Good job on the brakes.

  5. Sounds like you needed a brake break with a few refreshments to boot:))

  6. I.M. thinkin' yer right bout that free bein' hard to beat. Howsoever a little air conditionin' on a hot day ain't bad either.

  7. It is always nice when you are able to do the work yourself. Ends up saving you a lot of money. Great job.

    Kevin and Ruth