Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, July 29, 2011


Up at 04:30AM and yes the coffee machine worked and we had full pot of coffee ready. I know my bride was happy. At 05:30AM she left for the truck company and I did some blogging.

I am still at loss with my Google Plus problem, it just won’t stay connected in the Hang up mode for more than a few minutes, then it loses connectivity, one of the readers said code 10 is a driver error, but the same camera and mic is working flawlessly on Skype where I talked to my sister in Pa for about an hour yesterday. Maybe Rick can arrange a Skype call with me some morning and we can figure this out, also I have to find a shortcut or icon that will start Google plus without going into the My account setting in my blog.

This afternoon I took my laptop and the GPS module I got with my Streets and Trips out in the truck and got it configured and working, I had never used it before but now that I have the 12 volt cord, which also worked great, I decided a test run was in order. I was really impressed, I especially like the trace feature which tracks the route you take and then you can save it in case you want to go that way again or send it to someone.


                  In the truck with the GPS.

I only went as far as Foristell MO. and then sat about 30 minutes along the railroad tracks until I heard on the RR radio that the local was working in Wentzville so I knew no other trains were do by there.

I am now going to have to make a secure mounting bracket or table, on the order of what the police cars have.I think I have enough stuff to fabricate some brackets and by moving my radios I can get something that won’t be in the way and the laptop will snap right in and out,

Maybe I will use the docking station as part of it and then the cables will be able to stay attached to the dock.

Still waiting to hear from Adam and start a camping trip. The rate at the Lake is so cheap it is almost cheap even if you leave the trailer there for a couple nights in between, they do have a 14 day limit and then you have to leave and come back. It’s never full though unless it’s one of the 3 major holiday weekends, and We don’t usually stay on those anyway. So nice in the fall when you can still swim and be the only ones there during the week.

Nicole and Chris are here today so I will probably make a homemade pizza for Friday Pizza Night.

Before I forget, I had a comment the other day about B&W Photography, I went to a crime scene school years ago at the St Louis Metro PD part of it was a two week photography course and then two weeks riding with the Evidence tech unit. (like todays CSI). Our department had a Speed Graphic, remember those, the old newspaper camera, we also set up a full B&W darkroom at the station complete with all the needed chemicals, and developing lights. Many a locomotive picture was also developed there. I remember the Instructor during the photo classes who always dwelled on how a camera will see more than the human eye, so take as many pictures at a crime scene from every possible angle and then go back after you develop the pictures to see what you missed. I still look at my pictures to see what surprises I have that I didn’t notice when I was taking the shot.

Not much else going on so I will say good bye for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Interesting paragraph on the crime scene photo taking, Sam. Your intstructor was right. I often see more in my pictures than I remember seeing with my eyes. :)

  2. I don't use the Trips and Streets as a GPS. Love the one we have in our truck. However, it sure does come in handy for route planning. Thanks friend!

  3. When our son-in-law was the Crime Scene Photographer he learned a LOT about cameras and photography...Sometimes the one taking the photo can screw up some great evidence!

  4. Sure know what you mean by darkrooms & chemicals alright. Spent many endless hours years ago working in my darkroom & coming face to face with a lot of dead people. Oh, they weren't dead when the photos were taken but by the time the old delapitaded & faded pictures were brought to me for having new negatives & prints made, the people in the old photos had long since moved on. And how about all those old darkroom chemical smells. Ever worked with Sepia Toner? Now there's a smell that'll knock ya down....:))

  5. Hi Sam, as far as your G+ Hangout problem goes the first thing you may want to try is going to "Uninstall Programs" and removing the "Google Talk Plugin" program completely.

    Then, reinstall the plug-in by starting a G+ Hangout - it should prompt you to ask if you want to install this so just say yes.

    I'm not sure if this will solve your issue, but it's the first step in diagnosing what's wrong.

  6. It used to be said that the big difference between the good photographer and the great photographer was that the great one would take more pictures, a lot more. Unfortunately, film and processing were just too expensive to be burning a lot of film. Now, with the digital cameras we can, and do take a lot of pictures and we find that among the mass of pictures is an occasional good one.

    Keep on keeping on, Sam.


  7. Pictures seeing more than the eye is true in quilting too. Lay out the blocks, take a picture & then study it. You almost always find the things that are wrong even though you don't see them just looking at the laid out blocks.