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Friday, July 1, 2011


The day started as usual, coffee with my bride, then she was off to work, at the truck company and then the restaurant. I had my every three month Doctors visit at 09:00AM I like it when you are the first appointment of the day and can get in and out, I won’t bore you all with the numbers, but Dr. Steve when he walked in was all smiles and said have you gone over your numbers for this month, They give you a printout of the blood work from your last visit. I said yes and he said looks like your doing something right, stay with it. I told him it looks like were both doing something right, and he laughed. All my numbers were right on, not close, right on our goal numbers which is as close to ideal as I can get even my blood pressure today was 128/80 which for me is super I haven’t had numbers like this in years. Needless to say he said see ya in three months and keep it up.

I couldn’t wait to call Donna and give her the news, she is always amazed at my cholesterol number since I am heavy, it was right on today too.

Anyway that is the big news for the Weeb Ranch for today, My son Andy came in about 02:00PM and said Dad there is a big box in front of the garage door.

I went down and looked and the RV Cover I won from KEVIN & RUTH"S TRAVELS when they had the giveaway on their blog. Had indeed arrived..


                                     In the Box.


                 Carrying Bag in the Box.

EMP775 (1)

What it should look like when on the fiver.(Empire Foto).

The cover was made by Empire Covers, they have a facebook page, a twitter site and also their website below.

http://www.empirecovers.com/Fifth-Wheel-RV-Covers.aspx check them out they also sell wheel covers and other RV accessories.

Although I won’t put it on until were done using the trailer for the fall, it looks like a really quality made product and I will be sending pictures when it is installed.

Another day of 90 degree temps and 100 heat indexes.After working outside, all day, Andy and his girlfriend and a couple others headed out to the pool to cool off. Rigg’s and I will have to be happy with the air conditioner.

That’s about it for today, hope everyone is having a good day. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Glad your numbers are all in good shape. Love it when the doc says come back in 3 months. have a great weekend!!

  2. Keep up the good work...I think it's the Miller High Life..

  3. Good job, Sam. Keep up the good results!

  4. Always good to get a passing grade from the doc. Congrats.

  5. I think your numbers are good because you were on vacation! And I bet if Linda were to have her numbers tested, she would have passed with flying colors too while she was here!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Glad to hear that you received your RV cover. They were pretty quick with it. Will be nice to see what it looks like on, but we can wait until summer is over. Don't want to rush it away after it took so long to get here.

    Nice job on the numbers.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Good news all around. Excellent. Congratulations on "doing something right" and getting your prize, in every sense of the word.