Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musings.

Boy the weekend seemed to slip past and all of a sudden it was 04:30am on a Monday morning and we were having coffee and Donna was getting ready for work, Yesterday afternoon I got a chance to take a picture of my first hummingbird at the feeder it was a green color, but I had the camera on the auto setting and it focused on the tree about 20 feet behind it and I got a nice in focus shot of a leaf, but the bird was badly out of focus, no amount of sharpen could save it in Picasso so now I will have to set up a tripod and manually focus on the feeder if I intend to get a good picture, he came by twice yesterday once in the morning and once in the afternoon, I have been told they leave for the winter in late September so I don't have a whole lot of time to try to get a nice shot.

We got our first rain in seven days this morning, just a nice slow rain, that will surely wake up the grass.

Here's a shot of Rigg's from yesterday after he got home from the doggie park, he was one whipped pup.


Just watching him made me tired so Mom & I got an hour nap. That's what Sunday's are for.

Since it was a rainy day and I didn't go anywhere or do anything, I sat at the computer and cataloged about 3000 train pictures I have swapped and downloaded since the first of the year, I always download into a newpics folder and then later sort them in to folders for separate railroads or other topics, like Museums, and Tourists Railroads. I was three hours before I finally got them done, now for a little while I will have a small newpics folder again. I save these on a separate hard drive so it doesn't clutter or slow down my desktop computer, and backup the picture hard drive with DVD's.

Not much going on in the bustling town of Dardenne Prairie, they started to pave the parking lot at the new City Hall, so maybe that is a sign of a better economy, it has sat for three years now, I can only hope since our property is in the new Dardenne Prairie Commercial Zone, so that dictates how easy it will be to sell, right now the project is stalled.

Guess that will be it for today the big decision now will be what to make for supper, I want to have a nice meal ready when Donna gets home from the truck company, Monday & Tuesday I cook and we have supper together, then for the rest of the week she is at the restaurant and I eat alone. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Wow, that is one huge amount of train pictures alright. My first train ride was back in the mid 50's when my Mother & I went from Stratford in southwestern Ontario many miles to Thunder Bay in northwestern Ontario. I still remember sitting for hours watching the scenery going by the window. I remember the constant click clack of the wheels on the rails, the dining car, the sleeper & especially sitting up in the dome car. It was a big experience for a young boy & I am so glad to still have those memories today.

  2. That looks like one pooped pooch. It's nice that you cook for her. Donnie will do dishes, but is not much on cooking. He will grill burgers or something though..

  3. 3000 train pictures???? You are remember where each was from? Quite a feat.

  4. Wow, cataloging 3,000 pictures if a big job Sam! Good for you for having what it takes to get that job done! Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate it. Hi to Donna. A pat for Riggs.

  5. Just asking...Did you run to the TV everytime the "Good and Plenty" commercials came on when you were little?? Your are the original "Choo Choo Charlie"!...and if you don't remember him, then I spent too much time propped in front of the TV!!! We are suppose to get rain here by Wed or Thurs...just great..It will wake up the mosquitos!

  6. Like the others have already said, that's a whole lot of train pics - 3,000. I wouldn't have a clue as to where to start!

  7. Ha Ha on getting a picture of a leaf! Made me chuckle. :) That's not uncommon when trying to get a pic of a hummer. My guess is that hummer was there more than you think after finding the feeder. You just have to plunk yourself down and wait for a photo like you do for your trains. :) Emma says hi to Rigg's, and wishes she could play with him.

  8. Looks like Riggs is enjoying some down time after the trip to the park. He really knows how to relax!

  9. I know you are anxious to get on the road - is there any chance you could rent out your house? We had to take a little less than we had hoped when we sold ours, but it was either that or not get on the road. No regrets, just a little poorer than originally planned.

  10. It looks like Riggs and Tucker both played so hard at doggie daycare that they were two tired pooches!! How cute!

    We are having some rain now ourselves...much needed after this summer of heat and dry weather.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)