Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday at the Lake

Adam played with his friend’s last night, just after we got to the campground it started to thunder & lightening, no rain but it looked dark in the distance, so that ended our thought’s of going for a swim at the lake. It pretty much stayed that way with off & on rumbles till dark.

Adam found a path behind the trailer and said he was going to see what it looked like, I knew it went for a couple hundred yards through the woods to a large expanse of prairie land. So I told him to take his radio and a play gun and sword, just in case he saw any bears.

He went in the wood’s and about 5 minutes later came charging back like he was on fire, yelling Grandpa I saw a bear, Couldn’t find any sign of it myself, but it was an adventure for him.

Adamlakesherwood08-20-10b             Adam getting outfitted for his trail hike.

Adamlakesherwood08-20-10a                              Heading into the trail.

Having an adventure makes a guy hungry so Adam asked for some Mozzarella Sticks for his supper, Grandpa fired up the oven and baked some for him.

Samakesherwood08-20-10a                       Adam’s cheese sticks.

Last night about 09:00pm just as I was getting ready to light a campfire, the thunder started up and really fierce lightening so I called Adam to come in on the radio and put the awning up. just as I was finishing the wind kicked up and the rain came in buckets and so we went to bed about 10:00pm to the sound of rain on the trailer roof.

This morning Grandpa baked some biscuits for breakfast, one of Adam’s favorites is hot biscuits fresh from the oven.


He then went over to his friend’s campfire and the playground for awhile since it was cloudy, the sun is supposed come out and have temperature's in the ninety’s but tonight the humidity will drop and tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day. Hopefully tonight will stay dry and we will have our campfire.

Adamlakesherwood08-20-10e                         Campground playground.

Around noon we will head up to the office and then to the beach for an afternoon of water fun.

That’s about it for now, be safe out there, Sam & Donna..


  1. When we first started camping, we never used our oven...Dennis grilled or I used my crockpot...I guess it was because the camper oven looked so small and you had to put stuff up higher...I was intimidated...We do use it more now, but not as much as grilling...
    Hope your weather stays nice enough for a campfire...What's camping if you can't have that???

  2. There is nothing better than falling asleep with the sounds of rain on the roof of an RV. No bad lightning or thunder and certainly no fierce winds just the soothing sound of raindrops on the roof.
    Looks like Adam is having a grand time. I'm glad you sent him armed. :-)

    Have fun!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. I love the "Adam, brush your teeth" sign! What a grandpa you are! Would you come and make some cheese sticks and muffins for me, Sam? :)

  4. Hope the weather gives way for your campfire!
    It looks like you and Adam had a great time so far. Fresh biscuits, mozz. sticks, man is Adam lucky and Sam a good cook!
    Take care and enjoy that campfire.
    Mike & Gerri

  5. Great looking biscuits there Sam! Good to see Adam's having fun before his summer vacation ends.