Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Happening's

Got up just as Donna was pulling out of the driveway for work, so I had to have coffee alone. We had a great dinner last night at a nearby Restaurant called Noll's, Donna got an order of Spedini for an appetizer, and then a Three Cheese Pasta dish, I ordered a Pepperoni with extra cheese Pizza, That way I have a guaranteed lunch for tomorrow. the food was great and we both came home with full tummies.

Went down to the computer and noticed I have I have three new followers, I want to give a warm welcome to Margie & Roger who I have been reading for a while and are like old friends. Karen from Country Living in Georgia. And Pidge from The Frugal Travelers. It looks like Karen was my 50th follower boy time has a way of roaring by, I can remember my first blog in Feb. and wondering if anyone was going to read about such as boring life as we lead. But hang in there, there will be adventures to come I am sure, between Rigg's and our grandson Adam something will pop up at anytime.

Today I will make a trip to the Train store, and pick up some fuel for John Deere on the way back and go over the grass again, it hasn't grown much in a week so it should be an easy 2 acres this afternoon, they are saying sunny weather in the middle 80's and lower humidity for another 5 days so I can live with that.

Just got back from the train store, Mark Twain Hobby in St Charles they had 3 new magazines for me, so I will have some reading for a couple of nights, also stopped at Dirt Cheap and got a bottle of Annisette for the camper, nothing like a little octane booster in your coffee when you camping.

Going out in few minutes to jump on John Deere to spend a couple pleasant hours mowing, it is cooler now so I don't mind it and there's always cold water in the fridge.

Hey I just noticed no pictures today how about some Navy stuff, here's a couple of my favorites.




LCDR Mitchell had to eject from this Photo RF-8 not long after this was taken and we picked him up safely from the ocean, enjoyed having a drink with him after the rescue mission.

Gosh it was great to be young and without fear, to bad you can't keep going like that forever. But we all at some point have to accept the fact that we are ageing and slowing down. Now that I have a Grandson I watch his face when he sees these pictures and the wonder in his eyes when he realizes what fun grandpa had as a young man. Although I secretly hope he will not be called to follow in my footsteps. Hey you'all be safe out there, pardner, how's that for southern style, maybe even south Canadian. Sam & Donna.


  1. Len says : y'all

    Phyllis says : Youse guys

    Gonna have to check that Frugal traveler blog. I really need to know how that's done!

  2. Sam, the font worked great! It's so much easier do read. Did you take all those Navy pictures?? What in the world is Spedini? :)

  3. Sounds like Donna had a great Birthday dinner - you too, Sam!

    Pretty good photos today too!

  4. Judy, I took the bottom picture, I remember watching that jet go straight down and explode in the water and then seeing LCDR Mitchell come floating out of a cloudbank in his parachute, we had heard his destress call and were heading his way in a helicopter, he only spent a few minutes in the water. The top two I got from friends a lot younger than me who were stationed aboard aircraft carriers, those planes are a lot more modern than the Rf-8 I took the picture of my picture was taken in 1967, the other two are from the 90's.I have seen jets break the sound barrier as the top one is doing and they do pop out of a turbulance cloud like that, the middle one is an F14 tomcat with the crew just making it out before it exploded. Sam & Donna..

  5. Hi Sam,
    Yes, we do age and we do see and experience life differently than we use to, don't we? We should plan a pep rally for "agers". If you have a few minutes, come by and read about Jonathan and Nellie Tate - The Midlife Cruisers at my blog - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings http://acamphosthousewifesmeanderings.blogspot.com/. Take care...

  6. Great pictures and proud to be a follower.

  7. I love the pictures. You asked me about the SD picture on my blog. We were out there 2 years ago. I was July and 107! We went there to see Mt. Rushmore, what a sight to see.

  8. I'll bet LCDR Mitchell hasn't forgotten you to this day!!!

    Wonder where he is now? And how many family members you saved that day?

    Have a good John Deere day!

  9. Nice pictures! Love that first shot. Glad to hear Donna had a great birthday and that you both enjoyed dinner out.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Interesting pics today and story too. What an adventurous life you have led!

    Yes, we all wish for a war-free life for our children and grandchildren. Seeing their innocent faces now, hope they never have to be hardened by the grim realities of war.

    I saw the change in my uncle, a marine in Korea. He could not handle what he had lived through there, and ended his life once he got back here to the states. I will never forget helping my parents clean up the house after he committed suicide there. My aunt could never step foot in that house again, so my folks took care of things.

    A peaceful world would be so wonderful.

    Karen and Steve
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