Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Got a great night sleep in the campground and woke up and made a pot of coffee, just sat and watched the sun come up, 2 more campers showed up early this morning and then will have their kids here after school so Adam will have some other kids to play with.Took a ride down by the dam on the main lake, here is a couple of views.


                   Left side (face) of the dam.


Right side (Lake side) of dam,water is about 70 feet deep here.

Also the bluffs on the left of the dam are where a gang of Turkey Vultures roost and watch for food.


Turkey VultureLake Sherwood08-20-10a

Not much on looks but they have about a 5 foot wingspan.

Also got a group of Mallards out for a morning paddle,


Mom Doe and her two spring babies were by the side of the road but she turned as I brought the camera up, oh well..


This is a different view of the campsite I am in I was having my coffee this morning and took this as the sun was coming up.


Got a question for Rick or maybe someone else out there using Live Writer, is there a way to change the default Font, on mine it keeps changing back to what the original was. in order to keep a bigger typeface I have to keep resetting it.

I guess I will head to the office to use Lake Sherwood’s wi-fi and check my mail and post this, the this afternoon I will get Adam from school and we will head back for a un filled weekend.Keep you posted. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. About those turkey buzzards - NO NOT TAKE A NAP outside and always walk fast! LOL

  2. When I see a vulture I start hopping around and flapping my arms to let them know I'm alive!

    Why do deer always turn their head just when you try to snap a photo? Guess they must be camera shy.

  3. Those Turkey Vultures are mean looking things, I don't think I'd want to get to close to them!

    As for your font question, the default font used in Live Writer is determined by what you have set it as in Blogger. When you use Live Writer that's why there is a step to "Update Account Configuration" as it simply downloads your template along with all its settings.

    So, to set your default, just go to Blogger and make sure it's set to how you want it. You might have to look in the Template Design section to change the default font.

    Once your blogger font is o.k., open Live Writer and click "Blogs" on the toolbar and then "update account configuration"(or something like that).

    You might just want to try updating your account configuration from within LW to see if it changes your default for you right away.

    blogs account configuration

  4. I hate those turkey vultures...Seems like they follow us old folks around just waiting foar one of us to keel over!!! Have fun this weekend!!!

  5. Hey Sam, better keep moving when them there Turkey Vultures are circling overhead....:))

  6. I would say those turkey buzzards surely got hit by the ugly stick.
    Very nice area you are camped in. You all enjoy the weekend!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)