Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Well today's the big day of the week here in Dardenne Prairie, It's my brides Birthday. We will be celebrating by going out to dinner tonight when she gets home from the truck company.
Donna's Mugshot 
Donna, The Birthday Girl, your getting better, not older.
I am sitting here at the computer and I noticed my Follower's list has grown, I hope I am not missing anyone, so I want to welcome.  Gail & TC , Pepper, who I don't know if she has a blog,  B.W. & Carol,The Ash Family I can tell you that life here in the bustling Dardenne Prairie area of MO. can get boring at times, but I will keep everyone up on what's going on with family and friend's and with our travels in our rig. Maybe we will get this house sold and be on the road soon. Thanks again for my new followers for taking an interest we what going on here, between Rigg's and the Grandson there is usually something of interest to choose from.
Today is an especially nice sunny day with temps in the middle 80's and low humidity, it's supposed to be like that for the next 5 days, just what we needed a break from the high temp, high humidity that has hung around here for the last month.
I have been tinkering with the font settings in an attempt to get something that will be easier on the eyes for some of our readers. I for one don't like to have to look at smaller print and then when your done you have tired eyes or even a headache. Let us know if it is an improvement over the old or worse..
Heard from my Sister Wendy in PA. she is looking at about the 19th of October now for her surgery, so I will have to be up there about the 15th , she needs to have a hospital type bed picked up and moved into the house before she reruns home from the hospital.
To bad Adam is in school because this weather would be perfect for another trip in the trailer, isn't that awful I just got back from a great weekend at the Lake and I am already itching to hitch up and go already.
Well that's about it for today , everyone be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. Happy Birthday Donna!! Where you going to eat? we love to eat Italian food or good fish!
    Have a great day!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Happy Birthday Donna! Best wishes getting the house sold and on the road guys!

  3. Have a great birthday dinner, Donna..Order the most expensive thing on the menu and watch Sam's reaction...Dennis would look like a deer in the headlights!! just kidding...Happy Birthday, in the words of Billy Crystal, "You luke faaaaaboooolus!"

  4. Sam, it seems to me that I commented positively about your larger font a couple of weeks ago, but today it is back to the small print. :(

    Happy Birthday to Donna! That's one of your better photos! :)

  5. Happy birthday to Donna. Enjoy your evening together!

  6. Liked the last half of your first paragraph as far as size goes. Always been a mystery why some bloggers refuse to enlarge their printing. It's just a simple 'courtesy' to help fellow readers enjoy their blogs. The word 'stubborn' comes to mind I guess. Good for you in taking into consideration other people's feelings....thanks:))

  7. Congratulations on your "39th". We wish you health and happiness.

    Paul and Helen

  8. Happy Birthday to Donna. Hope your dinner out is wonderful.

    P.S. I like the font you used today. It reads well.

  9. Happy Birthday Donna and order whatever you want off the menu!! Have a big dessert too! You deserve it!

    I like this font, Sam - it's big and nice and clear as far as I'm concerned.

  10. Easy reading here. Some blogs have a dark background and can be difficult to read.

    Hope the birthday dinner went well.

  11. I like a little larger font, but that's just me. I have trouble with my eyes and not all folks do. Happy Birthday Donna!! It was my brother's B-day too.

    Tell Sam Donnamas lasts at least a week and you will be on vacation from everyday chores.