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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

The day started normal, had coffee with Donna, and she left for the truck company at 05:30am, about 10 minutes later she came back in the door, I said what did you forget, she said nothing, the car started to act up again, the check engine light is back on and it's running rough. Naturally I was thrilled so I said take the truck and I 'll take it back and see what the code reader says. At 08:00am I was waiting for my buddy Terry to open Auto Zone and he put the code reader on and it was the same code as yesterday, It lists several cause, one was the mass air flow sensor, the other was the throttle positioning sensor, since the TPS was $28 dollars and the MAFS was $121 dollars, I elected to change the cheaper one first. I put it on and then drove it about 20 miles and it ran smooth and no light. Good I thought. My son Andy asked to use it to go to his bosses house so I told him to let me know how it ran for him, he came back and said it ran fine but the light was back on,. so he took it back to have the code read, same code, so I told him to go ahead and put the MAF sensor on as I wanted it to be fixed perfect for Donna. He came back and said the car was running fine. so we will see if it makes the trip to St Louis tomorrow.

It has been a cloudy but warm day at about 80 but i decided that it would be better than in the 90's so I got John Deere out at about noon and cut the grass, it wasn't bad and there was a little breeze, in fact I thought a couple times I felt raindrops but nothing fell to speak of, It looked better this time as it hadn't rained during the week I was gone and the hot weather had slowed down the growth so this time it mulched up pretty good.

Hard to believe tomorrow school starts for Adam, I told him I would pick him up after school Friday and we would camp at the Lake this weekend, that way he will have at least one more summer swimming weekend before the season is over. I will probably leave the trailer home over Labor Day weekend.

Not much else going on. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Wow, school is starting, time is sure going by fast!

  2. We had a problem with the engine light staying on in our GMC...Den took it to Auto Zone, put the code on it..It was off for a bit, then came back on..then magically went off and has stayed off. I think it's a Communist plot to make us THINK of buying a new vehicle...NOT!!! Have fun at the lake this weekend!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the car problems. I just hate throwing parts at a vehicle, but what can you do? The season is winding down, so it sounds like a great idea to hit the campground again. I am sure Adam will enjoy the weekend.

  4. Enjoy the lake! Oh, and where's my homemade pizza? Do you deliver?

  5. Our Grands get 3 more weeks of summer. But then they stay in class until the middle of June. Hope Adam enjoys his new class and teacher.

  6. Those on again off again light problems are sure annoying and hard to track down. All you can do is keep replacing parts until it's fixed it seems!

    It's way too early for kids to go back to school - should be after Labor Day!!

  7. Hope you got the car figured out by now, I am behind on reading blogs, so will see what you posted in your next one!

    Karen and Steve
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