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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Notes

Well today started with a little cooler weather, it was damp and cloudy and 65 degrees at 04:30am. it may top out at only 90 today which will be a relief from the last week of 100 temps, Donna went to work along with Andy, I waited till the stores opened and then left to pick up Donna' prescription at Walgreen's, then I went to Payless Shoes and got a pair of moccasins and a pair of good walking shoes for me, then it was off to the Hobby Shop for a couple of Train magazines. On the way back I stopped at a place that makes signs and got a price on some stick on lettering for the back window of the 5th wheel that will give my blog site.

Got home about 12:30 pm and decided unless I can think of something else that I was finished for the day, and I didn't have any other projects in mind it is right at 86 degrees now at 01:00pm so it is definitely cooler than before.

Donna is excited about Paul & Helen and Jodie & Coco's upcoming visit, I think most blogger's share that excitement of meeting new friend's and fellow blogger's. I hope they get here on Saturday when Donna is off during the day.

I got a comment From  BOB who stated that even where he lives in Minnesota they are experiencing severe hot weather, must be a freak year, first record cold and snow and now record heat and heat indexes. I wonder what will be next, a plague of locust's knowing our luck. Hang in there Bob maybe you can cash in on that idea of storing the heat for those MI. winters.

As you can see I haven't had the camera out to take any new pictures for a few days . How about dipping into the archive for some oldies.

Here are a couple of shots from 1965 when I was assigned to Det 62 on the USS Independence an attack carrier. She  has been retired and scrapped. I'm retired too, wonder when I'll be scrapped.

Sam USS IndependenceCVA921965a

Notice the old style Mae West vest.

Sam USS IndependenceCVA921965b

This was taken just before the Air Wing flew aboard off of Norfolk Virginia, from  NAS Oceana. We had flown aboard as the ship left the dock and was still in the channel on Chesapeake Bay, notice besides our three helo's there are no other aircraft aboard yet, that would soon change as we were getting ready to launch to be airborne while they recovered the air group and we headed across the Atlantic to England.

Sam & Barry Waluda USS IndependenceCVA921965b

This young man on the left and I went to high school together his name was Barry Waluda, He had just returned from Viet Nam and was assigned to Det 62, imagine my surprise when they put him on my crew. I was getting to be an old salt here. Wonder if he is still with us. Haven't seen him since I left the Squadron.

All of these pictures were taken in the summer in lower latitudes like off the coast of Virginia, when you headed north in the Atlantic you went quickly into full body exposure suits as the water temp never got above 40 degree's all year round. I can't imagine being that trim and slim, I was 160lbs back then. My Mom said half of that was beer. Sure was a kickbutt time to be in aviation and I sure enjoyed it. I still wear my HC-2 Squadron ball caps. I also still have my flight boots. and one flight suit that I will never fit in again, maybe my grandson Adam will someday.

Well that's it for today.All of you out there, be safe and enjoy life while you can. Were counting the days to fulltiming and seeing this great country and the great one to our north. Sam & Donna..



  1. Geesh - very hot here too. 97 right now. Hoping to catch a storm tonight to cool things in NJ. However, Len leaves tomorrow early for Lousiana for a long weekend to see family. Bet he will be going into even hotter weather.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. We are finally cooling off here, and the humidity has dropped. Back to a normal August for Wisconsin!

  3. Good memories you've got there, Sam. :) I always thought I'd like to take a ride in a helicopter, ever since that old tv show Whirlybird came on. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the memories! Be cool... The Camp Host Housewife

  5. You just keep wearing those caps..and thank you for serving..Our son was stationed on the USS JFK in 1989-1991..did the "ditch" during the Persian Gulf War...He was out of Norfolk too. I'll be you and he could have good times telling stories...I will tell you one thing..he saw some fabulous countries..The pyramids and the sphynx in Egypt..The Red Sea..Like I said, they did the Suez Canal about 9 times...Anyone who serves our country should be DAMN proud...Old veterans don't get "scrapped"..they just get more AWESOME ...(There, I said it, Al..couldn't thing of a better word to describe it!)_

  6. Sam, thanks for the comment you left on my blog yesterday. I appreciate your support. Keep up the good work on your blog!

  7. Great pics of the old days Sam. I was 160lbs once too - can't remember that far back though!

  8. Glad things have cooled off for you guys! Wish it would here...send some our way!!
    Love the pics and what great memories you have. I thank you for your service to our country and agree with Donna....veterans NEVER get scrapped!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  9. Got your comment on my blog. Tried to reply on your email but was unable. We live about 45 miles from A/C, really closer to Wilmington DE. I can understand your sons having shore traffic living in Brick. We are not affected by it unless we go further east.

    We were scheduled to go camping with our friends out there in Montgomery City back in May but had to cancel due to everything else going on - Len's Mom at that time. As I've stated, I am well aware of Wentzville. Stayed in motel there in 1980 while opening a plant up in Montgomery City(since closed down).

    I loved Missouri and would go back a few times each year to check on HR issues at that facility. Stayed friendly with woman I hired as office manager.

    My email is phyllen@live.com

  10. Sam, Barry Waluda needs your help, ASAP. Send money, guns, and lawyers to Branson, Missouri not later than 6-12 November, 2010, or better yet, in lieu of the above, one experienced US Navy HC-2 rescue swimmer, and home support team, will be preferred, as we know they can get the job done, whenever, wherever, daylight or darkness. We need you. ..._ _ _ ...

  11. Sam, Barry Waluda needs your help, ASAP. His survival depends on you sending money, guns, and lawyers to Branson, Missouri no later than 6-12 November, 2010. In lieu of the above, one highly experienced US Navy HC-2 rescue swimmer, and support team, can make this rescue happen. We need support when needed, where needed, night or day, cold or warm, something you are are experienced in. Crypto response on your site acceptable.

  12. Sam,
    Three things a good Scranton HC-2 sailor always did.

    Didn't grab the hook, let it ground itself first.
    Had a sudsy drink at the Airship Tavern.
    Had a couple Coney Island weiners when in town, and maybe some Turnabe's pizza.

    How do I get your e-mail address?