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Friday, August 6, 2010


Well Friday started out as usual, up at 04:30am had coffee with my bride, and then Her and my son Andy were off to work.

I went down to my office and did some blog reading and then tried to decide what kind of a project I might do today, it is a little cooler again today it started out at 65 this morning and is supposed to go to the middle 80's this afternoon.

Weed eating won the toss so I spent a couple hours out doing that .

I noticed something today on Margie & Roger's blog, They saw a drunk driver pass their motor home and were wondering what to do. They said a car in front of them saw a police car parked on the side with a car pulled over and evidently stopped and told the officer and another police officer stopped the drunk further down the road. Glad to hear this turned out okay but it got me to think. From my experience as a police officer I don't know that stopping to talk to an officer that is already conducting a traffic stop is a good idea, first that officer is already in a stressful position and the sight of a car pulling up behind him will increase this stress and take away from what should be primary his concentration on the car he has just stopped, second you are now exposed to not only to the danger of someone rear ending you ( like a Gawker), Trust me I was rear ended three time over 30 years even with emergency lights activated. Or just what if this turns out to be a felony car stop and the perpetrator takes advantage of the officer's distraction and starts shooting. I suggested they do like I did in my spare time and make a subfolder in your Favorites, I just named mine Police, It lists all the websites of all the State and Provincial Police agencies in the US and Canada. They all have a website by the way. On these site will be listed their emergency numbers ,like 511, an tons of other information. If you don't have a way to access the web while you are driving, (no card etc.) before you leave just list the states and the numbers needed on a sheet of paper and put it with you trip folder on the dash of the truck or motor home. If you see something, an accident or crime or a drunk you can give them the information by cell phone and all of us will be safer, even the cop.

Okay that is my suggestion, it works for me but you will have to do a little research unless you want to private e-mail me and I will reply with the folder and url's attached to the reply.

There that's my good turn for today, now maybe I can return to my curmudgeon lesson.

We are waiting to hear from our visitor's Paul & Helen, and Jodie & Coco, they are heading from Northern Iowa today so they should arrive in the area tonight sometime. Donna had to work the restaurant as she couldn't get anyone to work her shift. But hopefully will have time in the morning to greet our friends from Florida.

RICK had a nice piece in his blog today about our furry friends, I really enjoy reading about other RV's pets especially of the canine variety, they seem to fill such a large part of our lives and I know life would be duller around here without Rigg's.

That's about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Your advice about not pulling up to an officer who's already involved with someone sounds pretty good to me, Sam. I'd never really thought about it, but after reading your post I can see how this innocent act could possibly lead to trouble. Thanks for the tip - and, the mention too!

  2. Thanks for the great advice for what to do in an emergency on the road. Could you call 911?? That would probably have been my first thought. Just wondering.
    I so agree about our canine friends....they really add to our full-time adventures! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. When our son-in-law was a patrolman in Sandwich, he worked midnights..I rode with him one night..He made a traffic stop on a car with very dark windows..Of course I stayed in the squad car. He put the spot on the car before he got out and when he got out of the squad he shut his door quietly. While he was talking to the driver, Tim dropped his pen..but he never bent over to retrieve it..All these potential dangers I had never realized!! Tim always said that traffic stops and domestics were potentially the most dangerous calls...Thanks for being a cop!!

  4. Enjoy your visit with Paul and Helen. One of the things I look forward to is meeting in person the people who write the Blogs I read. What an adventure that will be. Zigzagging over the States to meet people and see your country along the way.

  5. Thanks for the tip Sam. Your explanation really made me think about the routine situations our officers get in that are more dangerous than they seem on the surface. Enjoy your visit with your friends.

  6. Great slice of advice for sure..10-4

  7. Sam, I echo what the others have said. That's good advice that you gave us. I am more aware now of safety issues involving police and patrolmen. Thank you for your service as a police officer and also your military service.

  8. Great advice on a great post today, Sam. Hopefully, lots and lots of folks will be reading the great tip you gave.

  9. We had an officer shot and killed in a routine traffic stop in Mesa, Az this last winter.

    The fellow he stopped was recently out of jail, and had drugs with him. So rather that be put back in the joint for another year or so on drugs, he is now up for murder one. Makes sense doesn't it?

    The policeman was alone without backup on a city street. They shot him out the passenger front window as he approached the vehicle.

    Never become involved with a police stop unless someones life is in danger as it may be your own that becomes at risk.

  10. I hoped I would get a response from you, Sam, since you had experience and thoughts to share. I've watched enough TV to know that it is not a good idea to approach a police officer during his traffic stop - it could be very dangerous. Although I was glad the other driver did stop and the police did get the drunk driver off the road, there had to be a better and safer way. Can you let me know the website of one of those that you have in your favorites? I can work on getting those in my laptop (with aircard) and my iPhone. The only drawback to that is if we wouldn't have service - maybe a paper back-up would be a good idea too. Thanks for your good advice and adding the topic to your website too. Maybe you have some other good advice for RV'ers both from your police experience and your driving experiences.

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  12. I sent Margie a comment on her blog and I will repeat it here. Anyone that wants a copy of my folder with the url's of the police agencies can send me a PM to weeb@centurytel.net and I will attach a copy to the reply,as I told Margie 911 is not nationwide yet and that is why these state agencies have numbers like 511 and others, most post them along the highways, but a list is good before you make a trip. also this takes you directly to the agency responsible for public safety on the state highways, and you are not switched from one to another. Hope this helps clear it up, Sam & Donna.

  13. Great advice about pulling up to an officer in the middle of a traffic stop.

    2 weeks ago my daughter ran outta gas and a female officer stopped behind her. It was an hour estimate for her roadside assistance service to come and bring her gas. The officer said she was not allowed to take her for more gas, but would wait behind her with flashing lights till roadside assistance came.

    My daughter noticed the officer's name tag- it turns out she is the wonderful "Aunt Vicki" who used to come and pick up her niece and nephew from my house years ago when I did daycare! The last time she saw my daughter, she was like four years old-- haha! Of course, then she took my daughter up to the next exit for gas and brought her back. Cancelled the roadside assistance. Talk about a nice roadside stop and help from our folks in blue.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard