Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday/Sunday Notes.

Didn't get to post yesterday so it is Sunday morning, Donna got to sleep a couple hours later this morning and got up while I was downstairs on the computer when I came up she was mopping the kitchen floor, I decided I would go out before the days heat set in and putter on the trailer, I saw a mod for the screen door someplace awhile back where you could fashion an inside latch so you wouldn't have to to open the sliding door to  to unlatch the screen when the main door was open. Can't remember where I saw it but after forgetting to close the little plastic door in Iowa and getting a trailer full of flies that took all day to kill, I decided I would try this. Don't think it's patented if not I'm in trouble because I shamelessly stole the idea. It's really a cheap fix, as it requires one coat hanger and a pliers, to do, I used a broom handle to help make a round shape to the inside latch part.


            As seen from the inside of the door.


              As seen from outside the door.


A hole was drilled and the wire bent around the latch.


Inside latch, push down and the door unlatches.

Rigg's was happy to see his Mom bought him a new training collar, as he's still pulling hard when she tries to walk him, he is a hand full for me and I know he is way to strong yet for her, We are also going to take him to leash training.


Rigg's look what Mom has for you, a new collar.


Oh boy, oh boy Mom I'm so excited, a present for me.


MMMM, don't know if I'm going to like this present it's a lot different than my soft collar. But Dad said Jodie & Coco where them.

If Rigg's continues to be a good boy today, Mom & I will be taking him to the doggie park, and to Pet Smart to see if the collar is fitted right.

Before I forget, again, I want to mention the book Rick from Rick & Paulette's Rv Travels has put together about Picasso, Live Writer, Wi-Fi, and just about any other thing a blogger needs  help with in keeping your blog going smoothly, I know it's been mentioned before, but after reading it, I couldn't help but think of the hours of time and effort that went into it and how Rick unselfishly offered it to all of us for free, when he could be giving for profit seminars on those very subjects. I for one copied into a book form and it will travel wherever I am posting blog's. Thanks again Rick..


            The Blogger's unofficial Bible.

We were off to the doggie park, of course the minute Rigg's was off his leash he headed for the lake and a good swim.


     Rigg's takes the lead in a race tor the toy.


Victory is his as he brings his toy back to Mom for another go.

The energy these dogs expend is amazing, Rigg's is by far the fastest and hardest swimmer of all the Lab's and Retriever's  that we have come in contact with at the doggie park. You can watch his muscles churn and he literally leaps forward with each stroke. Hopefully we will have a couple more months before the weather and the water get to cold for his swimming. Although Jody & Coco were swimming in ice water in Alaska, so we will have to see what his limits are.

That's about it for today, now that we are home it is warming up and we will relax in the air conditioning for awhile. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Neat addition to your door. We constantly forget to slide the thing back, so this should work really well. Thanks for the tip.

  2. We've tried the commercial kind of latch thingie, and it sucks. Now going to try YOUR way! Thanks!!

  3. Veeeery Interesting! I will put McGuyver on it...Right now he is figuring out how to mount a new 32" HD TV in the spot our old TV was in the Hiker....Thanks for the tip!

  4. We got Annie a collar like that.A metal pinch collar I think thay call it. And she walks real good with it.

    Have a good week..

  5. Nice job on the latch, Sam. Riggs seems like a great water dog for sure.

    Thank you so much for your kind words - much appreciated!

  6. great job on the screen door..and as for Rick and his book??..thank god for him!!..Tucker says 'Hey' to Riggs!!!

  7. You are sure a clever guy, Sam. Riggs new collar is nice....hope he thinks so.

  8. Great mod Sam! Now how can I incorporate duct tape into the project?

  9. Hmm. Interesting door latch thingy. Not sure I can figure out how to do that, though. I think I'd have to see it in person. Do you think you could drive your rig out here to Oregon?? :)