Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Ramblings.

Well Sunday arrived and it was a nice cool 70 degrees at 05:30am, about 09:00am Sam took John Deere out and started on the grass, it was 78 degrees and he wanted to cut while it was still bearable, since he had all 2 acres to cut and some of it still needed two passes to get rid of some of the mulch, it was noon before he was done. At noon it was 91 degrees but the humidity was highly felt.

I feel bad because in the excitement of our visit from Paul & Helen Tempesta yesterday and their Lab's Jodie & Coco, I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog a really cute gift that Helen & Paul gave to Donna, it is a plastic flower that dance's when you put it under a light, What a thoughtful gift as you can't help but smile when watching it dance. Sorry for the Belated mention Folk's and Thank you again Paul & Helen for a very nice gift.


            Donna & her dancing flower.


Watcha got Mom, can I see please, please.

Sam is going to watch the weather and maybe later in the week he will be making another trip to photograph trains up in Iowa, hopefully it will be a little cooler than here.

Donna said she is going to try a new recipe for Chicken Parmesan for supper, Hear that Nellie , I saw a package of Mozzarella Cheese after she got home from the store so I know that is going into the mix. See a nice nutritious meal that will go good with a High Life Light.

Not much going on in the Dardenne Prairie area on a Sunday after the morning church traffic jam is over the sidewalks get pulled up.

Oh yeah before I forget Rigg's wants to thank Jodie & Coco for coming to see him and playing with him in the park. He says he will work on Mom & Dad for a visit to Fla. this winter to see you girls.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I rained here this morning. Now the sun is out, the locusts and tree frogs are singing...and the humidity hits you like a brick wall!! At least it turned out nice enough for shrimp on the grill and a campfire...the mosquitos can't wati for us to come outside and "play"...Hope you can get "hooked up" for a few days soon!!

  2. Have a great day of rest, or at least what's left of it!

  3. That sound pretty hot to out on the John Deere cutting grass especially with the high humidity. Enjoy your dinner this evening, it sounds like it'll be pretty good.