Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Happening's.

Another slow news day in Dardenne Prairie MO. Up early had coffee with my bride, and then she was off to work at 05:30am ,since it's Wednesday she will go to the restaurant tonight and I will prepare a dinner for one. Rigg's doesn't get people food. Donna sent an e-mail from work and said her car is running smooth so maybe replacing those sensor's fixed it. I liked it better before all this electronic this and that when you could be a motor head and actually great greasy and fix a car, now it takes special code reader's and computers to tell the tech, ( not mechanic's anymore). What has to be fixed. That is mostly a change this sensor or that until you hit on the right one. Anyway I am hoping this will be it for awhile. This morning I took my good truck to Valvoline for an oil change and grease job. Found out that they have to get Rottella (the oil diesel engines use) from the parts store since they are not stocking it anymore. They used to have it in stock. Whenever I don't change my own oil I would take it there, but since Rottella is made by Shell and is not a Valvoline oil they stopped stocking it. I told them that Rottella was the only oil I ever put in the truck since I bought it and I didn't want to change now, and the manager said If you can wait 15 minutes I can get a couple Gallons for you, I told him better get 3 since the truck holds 11 quarts. so they pulled it in and did the grease job and by that time he was back and they finished the oil and filter change. Of course it is two dollars a quart extra for the diesel 4x4 so I ended up with a $68 oil change, still not bad for not having to crawl under and grease 11 fittings and check two differentials and a transfer case. I think with a regular car it's  about $30 and they only take 4-5 quarts of oil and have about 4 grease fittings if any. Plus whatever the oil filter costs.

When I got done with the truck I had it washed and then went to Shop & Save for some groceries. Then home for the rest of the day.

I found out that my sister Wendy is going to have to have surgery on her foot in the beginning of Oct, she is about 10 years younger than me and lives in PA. in my Mom's old house, it was made into a duplex and when my brother Rick was alive he lived in the other side with his daughter Barbara. Anyway her doctor said she will have to be completely off her feet and will need help for the first 3 to 4 weeks after she has the surgery. They wanted her to go into a nursing home or assisted care facility, but her insurance doesn't cover it. So Donna told her I am retired and I can go up to PA. and help her until she is literally back on her feet. I would have volunteered, but Donna beat me to it and told her I would be available, so it looks like a month or so in PA. is in my future, Just as the cold weather will be starting up there, I hope I can be home before any snow flies. I do love my sister and I will do anything I can to make her comfortable and I know she truly wants to be in her own home. Boy is Rigg's going to hate that his Daddy is away for that long.

I can still hope for maybe a week or two in Fla. this winter when this is over. Anyway that's the news for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..



  1. I use Rotella too, doesn't everyone? I even put it in the motor cycle! Its about $12 a gallon at Wal-Mart, so you had $36 in oil and about $8 in a filter, if you did it yourself. So another $20 for them to do it seems more than fair. Just the aggravation of pouring the old oil into the jugs and returning it to Wal-Mart to be disposed of is worth the twenty! Old diesel oil makes a mess when I spill it. And a Pan with three gallons in it is hard to not spill. Ya twenty bucks is cheeeeep......

  2. Len changes the oil in our truck. He gets the oil at WalMart. Has looked many times for the Rotella Diesel oil in quarts but they don't have it. Only the 5 gallon container. He would like to have a couple of quarts to toss in the tool box, just in case.

    You are sure a good brother. Hope the recuperation period is not extensive.

  3. Nice that you will be able to give Wendy a hand (and feet) while she recovers from surgery. Hope you take your computer for blog posting and tell us all about your time in PA.

  4. Sorry to read about your sister - it's so nice of you to head to PA to help out. I suspect Riggs would like to go with you.

  5. Your'e a real peach, Sam the Man....Still rescuing people right into your retirement. I hope for you to get to Florida sometime this winter too. The one thing we can be sure of in this life is that things will change, nothing ever stays the same. Look at it this way..the foliage color in Pa. is fabulous in October!!! I expect some great color photos from you on your blogs!!

  6. Maybe that sensor light problem is finally licked - sure hope so as those things are annoying.