Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Well we were up at 04:30AM Donna had coffee and I had a glass of milk and a blueberry muffin. Donna was off to work at the truck company at 05:30AM and I waited around until Danny and his buddy got here at 09:00AM to work on the roof, They got until a little after noon and then the wind kicked up and it started to drizzle so they called it  a day. Danny said they have between a half and a full day of work left to do. The weather has just not co-operated at all for them. Andy was at his own job all day.

Donna said she got a call from Adam and his xbox is broke, so she is going to stop at Game Box to see if it is still covered under warranty. We got it for him last year for Christmas.

Waiting for Nicole to come home from school, pretty much stayed a recluse today and didn’t leave the house. The truck stayed in the garage. Fuel last’s a long time if you don’t leave the garage. I filled it on the way back from Branson and it still has a half tank after two weeks.

Somebody in the St Louis Metro area bought a lottery ticket at a Mobil Station and it is the winning ticket with all the right numbers for 2.5 million. They haven’t returned it yet to claim their prize. Ever think of what you would do if you would win that much money.

I know Donna would retire, and we would pay off the house and make the repairs it needs and then transfer it to my Son and Grandson, We would positively leave on our full time journey. Would we buy a new rig, probably not right away, maybe never. Trust me being poor isn’t so bad and we could put the rest in savings and help some of our family get out of debt. Had a friend who won several hundred thousand and within a year he had nothing to show for it, Hopefully he had a fun year. Donna does buy a ticket a week so maybe we can dream about it, I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life, juts not lucky, don’t stand next to me in a thunder storm..

Hope everyone is having a good week, it’s starting to look like winter here at the Weeb Ranch with the endless grey days and cold temps, it will be in the 20’s tonight.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. I'm headed out right now for my lottery ticket! Somebody has got to win!

  2. I bought a scratch off once and won $100...not much, but I was excited! It's COLD here in South Louisiana...But McGuyver has just started his campfire...and pulled the tab on a Busch Lite....We'll lift one to you and Donna!!

  3. Sure hope they get that roof done before true winter hits!

  4. Roofing is not an easy job. During it in windy weather would not be wise for sure.

    Winning the lottery? Gosh, one can only dream. But like you, I seldom buy a ticket.

  5. I've never won anything in my life! If I DID win that much money I guess I would faint!! Wouldn't it be nice??? Sam, you are a good man with a good heart. So many people would just spend it on themselves and there you are thinking of others. I think I would help my son with his student loan and put some of it in securities for his future (retirement). That would make me happy!!
    You stay warm...its even cold in Georgia!!

  6. aww we can all dream right? Especially about the lottery..only problem is you have to buy a ticket to have a chance and I never remember to buy them till just before the draw...if we won big I'd help all of our kids pay off their debt, help a few very deserving friends..donate to a couple of our charities...and hit the road :)

  7. Good luck ~ remember us poor folks... LOL
    Have fun

  8. dreams never die just the dreamer!!..we can all hope that one of us wins the big one!!..remember who your friends are!!!

  9. I won the lotery once, got mega millions!!!
    Then I started having trouble worrying what to do with it all and it was driving me nuts! Suddenly I WOKE UP!! I was wringing wet with sweat. I was relieved it was just a dream.... Since then I don't know if I would want to win or not.....
    I figure you win by not playing...

  10. Hope the 20's is too cold for snow. It's 30 here in Alabama and the snow is falling. Nice header photo of your home. I'll say a wish for you that Donna wins the lottery and you can live your dreams - hope she would keep you as her husband.