Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up early for coffee with my bride.She was off to the truck company and then the restaurant. I decided at about 09:00AM to pay my State farm insurance agent a visit. I told him of my plight with the claim and that they had said we could have a review. I also told him that I thought we deserved better treatment for our 30 years of loyalty and premiums, and that if it were refused in the review process I would like a letter with the reason so I could file an appeal with the Mo State Board of Insurance. (Thanks Mike for your suggestions in your comments). The agent made a couple of calls and then smiled and said, I just took it up the chain a few notches, let me work on it for you, so that is where we are at now.

Rigg’s said he had something for the blog this morning so here it is.


First I want everybody to meet my new nephew, Ralphie.....he is a miniature Australian Shepherd. He lives in  New York City, so I haven't met him yet, .....maybe one day then I can be a role model for him.


Honest Mom, I didn't know that the cable would do that. You see while you were untangling the cable from the overhead wire, I know I was standing looking at the back door.....BUT THEN....I heard this noise, and it was so dark and I didn't want anything sneaking up on you, after all your back was turned to the yard. So I just took off as fast as I could to warn what ever was out there that I am big and strong. Sorry that it took you by surprise and the cable took you off your feet. You see I am so strong I don't even notice.

Now you and Dad were gone so long and I missed you, I know when you came home that I got all kinds of pets and treats...but it just wasn't enough....I only stole that fruit punch pouch to get your attention, after all blame Nicole she's the one that left it laying out. And you know its not fair, you are suppose to run after me and chase me round and round...but no you got Nicole to go one way and you went the other, so I just gave Nicole the packet, 2 against one now is that even ? And so what if I took Adam's toy....he wasn't here to play with it.... thought I looked pretty cool running around with a red missile in my mouth, like Captain Lab, Commando of Dardenne.

Now for the cream cheese caper....I saw you eating the white stuff on crackers and it smelled so good, I thought I'd try some. Okay so I'm not suppose to get on the counter, I'm sorry, but I just had to try it. Guess my big feet hitting the floor got your attention 'cause you came in and caught me....off I took. Haha...I really have strong jaws don't I? I had that whole pack of cheese in my mouth and you were trying your best to pry my mouth open and take it from me....Why were you doing that, you already had some why couldn't I have some, it was just melting in my mouth and was soooo good. Aluminum foil? Stick in my throat? Well that doesn’t sound very good. Why is there bad stuff with something that taste so good. Wish I was a raccoon then I could just peel off that bad stuff. Well, you did eventually get it didn't you, did you have to stick your hand so far down my throat? And then it was a little embarrassing when you pulled your hand out and kept going yuck yuck yuck.

Now I was good for two days wasn't I? But it was Sunday and you aren't suppose to go to work on Sunday. I wasn’t going to eat the cookies, after all they were in plastic bags. I just took them off the counter because I thought if I took them you would stay home. You know I didn't try to eat them because I ran to you and made the bags do that crinkly noise so you would pay attention. Of course all you did was yell at me to drop them and tell me I was a bad boy....but honest Mom I'm not bad...just mischievous and like to have fun.


See how sad I am......I promise I'll be better tomorrow.

LOVE Rigg’s….

Boy never a dull  moment with our boy Rigg’s, but he is all 100% Lab Boy still. I guess we will have to wait and see if he grows up some more next year, in a few weeks he will be a three years old, Boy how time flies.

Went out today and bought a battery Maintainer to put on the fiver so I could unplug the AC from the back and that will keep the converter from running all winter and plus keep the batteries from boiling water out, the Maintainer says it has a solid state board to keep the charge level right when its plugged in like the charge wizard did on my old fiver.

Also got Donna some Rain Ex blades that Wally World had on sale for ten bucks. Gotta keep her happy too.

That’s about it for today, just waiting for Nicole to get home for from school now supposed to drop below freezing for the first time tonight. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Sounds like Rigg's needs a bit of exercise! And where is Sam when all this mischief happens? Sounds like Donna has to play the heavy there. :)

  2. Yes, Judy just like when the kids were little or w/ the grands, I have to be the heavy. Sam believes in discipline as long as someone else is the enforcer

  3. Riggs, you are such a cutie, but I think this is why we won't ever have another puppy. I don't have the energy to keep up with you.

  4. poor rigs....murphy's law is following him around for sure...sweet puppy....

  5. I need a Maintainer to help me just "maintain"....Sometimes I go just waaaay over the top too!!

  6. My experience has been that black labs never grow up - they are adorable mischievious puppies for their lifetimes.

  7. tomorrow will be a better day Riggs..just a lapse in better judgement!!