Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

We were up early and had our coffee, than Donna was off to the truck company.

Another nice day with temps in the 60’s, it did cloud up a little this afternoon.

Donna got a call from the insurance company and they are refusing our claim, they said we waited to long to report the damage. Donna said we found the soft spot while camping this summer and had to tear the vinyl floor and carpeting up to assess the unseen damage. The person who she was talking to asked if she wanted the claim reviewed and another adjustor sent out and she told them yes. So we are still up in the air. I will really be surprised if they change their mind. Insurance companies will take their premiums, but find any excuse not to have to pay out on a claim.

Not much going on, waiting for Nicole to get home, The mutts and I have the house to ourselves now that Samantha and Andy are working. Which is really a good stroke of luck. Rigg’s is getting used to jumping up on the bed for an hour or so after lunch and watching a train movie with Dad. I think he is snoozing instead of watching though.

See where we have a bunch of friends heading south, and two sets already in Mexico.

Until the fiver is repaired we have no hope of a winter, and the expense is going to knock our budget for a loop. We are still hoping for a couple weeks in Florida around March. Time will tell. Sure would help if the insurance fairy was looking our way.

Not much else doing. Hope everyone is doing okay. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


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  2. good luck with the insurance company...I know of folks who were compensated because of a leakage problem...here's hoping they will compensate you!!! Or at least pay for an RV place to fix it for you :)

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    Allen and Lolita DuGuay said...
    Hope your review with the new adjuster goes in your favor. I agree they find any excuse not to pay. Still to many upper management bonuses.

  4. Fighting with insurance companies is such a pain. And I don't understand why it has to be so difficult. You have water damage. Obviously so. I'm still hoping it all goes your way.

    I can't believe Riggs would snooze through a train movie.

  5. I hope all works out with the insurance company!

  6. shame on Riggs for sleeping through the train movie!

  7. Well Sam, I have maybe slept through a few train movies myself. Of course these days I'm liable to sleep through a double Hurricane too.

  8. I wonder how you can report it if you didn't see it? As soon as you were able to ditect it, you notified them right??
    Don't give up easy,,,,tell them you will let the State Insurance Dept review the claim.....
    Also tell them you want a formal written letter of denial if they aren't going to take care of it....
    Then if they turn you down for such a lame excuse as late reporting, go right to the Insurance Commissioner...
    They will review it for you and let you know...
    Insurance Companys don't like to be reported to the State Ins. Dept..... I did learn a few things in my 30 years of being employed by Insurance Company's! Either its covered or it isn't!! Again, how can you report it if you couldn't see it?? Unless they claim it happened before you owned it. The burden of proof is then on them....

  9. I had the same thing, a long slow leak doing damage isn't covered but if this were a sudden leak it would be. The rules are there to support the insurance company, not us but I have to thank State Farm for covering what they have thus far. My brother hasn't been lucky with Progressive, they don't seem to cover anything without a fight, same with Farmers.

    Good luck!