Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Well we slept in until 05:30AM this morning, then it was coffee time, Donna only has the restaurant to night, and did some cleaning this morning, and mopped the Kitchen floor, I hid out close to the basement and and garage, out of sight.

Yesterday I posted the blog before I had a chance to run out and fill the gas can with gasoline. So it was late that I finally filled the new generator with crankcase oil and gas. I had put the new battery maintainer I bought for the fiver on it to make sure the battery was fully charged before I started it.

Then the time was at hand to give it it’s first start, opened the gas shut off, put the choke on turned the key and within a couple cranks it fired and I opened the choke and it went into a smooth running mode, I made sure the switch was turned to 120v and then closed the circuit breakers and the gauge went to a rock steady 115volts.

ROD had asked yesterday to let him know how loud it was, Since I haven’t heard a Honda in a long time this one sounded reasonable quiet, since it was sitting on the tail gate I could hear a little rumble from being on the truck bed which I am sure will disappear if it is set on the ground. I let it run for about 15 minutes to give it a chance to wear in some. If I went into the house from the garage and shut the door you could not hear it anymore.All in all I don’t think it is too loud, it has a 6.5 HP OHV engine which is a copy of a Honda and the alternator does not scream, the muffler seems to be pretty big for the size of the generator and it has a round exhaust pipe that is set up to add additions to it. I plan on extending it and making an adapter to put the rubber tube I use for getting exhaust out of the garage in the winter time, you’ve seen those tubes at garages and tire places that go through a hole in the door.

I think with any generator no matter what make it is or how quiet it is supposed to be there are some rules of etiquette that apply.

1. Don’t run it if you are near others. period.

2. Run it during hours when others would be away and not sleeping.

3.In most cases it is more of an emergency power source than a primary power source.

The majority of our camping is where there is a power source since we seldom fully boondock, if you are boon docking, you do without A/C, and microwaves, and just use the generator to replenish the batteries when they go down. Usually when boon docking you are away from other rig’s. so like anything  else, it’s common sense.

Hopefully Monday I will hear when to bring the fiver out for it’s repair, and when that is done we will be ready in the spring for a trip to get back in action.

Like I said it’s a dull rainy day here at the ranch, Nicole is playing with Dolls and watching TV. Now there's a novel way to pass the day. Playing with Doll’s. Nah Donna would have a fit.

Here’s what Rigg’s & Sadie do on rainy days.


Everyone have a great weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Nice to have a generator. We do use ours if cold and on the road we stop at a WalMart. We always ask if they allow generators. We've always been told to go ahead, but it is nice to ask.

  2. We use our generator when we go to Q in January. But we always park with friends who run their generators also so we don't bother them. I really do need my toast in the mornings, you know. Sadie looks so tiny all curled up in that ball next to Riggs.

  3. Looks like you got a good deal on the genny,we want to get one for our 5th wheel.

  4. To us, there is nothing worse than generator noise, especially someone else's! That's why we have solar panels and batteries and a full tank of propane. No generator necessary.

    Having said that, your list of etiquette rules makes perfect sense to us. If you're the only one listening to your noise, then go for it!


  5. I have three generators, I also have solar for the RV, I carry a spare tire in each of my vehicles, that said, I use each when required and am observant of other people when I use each of the mentioned. Solar is great when the sun shines, generators work as long as they have fuel, tires are fine until one goes flat. The most generator use I do is for AC while driving down the highway with temperatures above 100 F.
    I also quit smoking some 37 years ago but find less then 1 & of people that smoke, especially in casino's where smoking is permitted will ask if I mind if they smoke to which I reply I don't smoke but this place allows smoking so it's your choice but thanks for asking. Seems some people feel only their rights and choices should be observed.
    Good deal on generator and with that size power outages shouldn't be a problem. Outages do occur still, my niece in CT was without power for 7 days when the snow storm struck this fall.

  6. the dogs look like they have the best spot in the house!!!

  7. Glad its not overly noisy, it looked like it would really be quite with that big muffler!