Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, November 18, 2011


Up early with my bride, she had her coffee and then was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

My only real accomplishment was to take a shirt to the cleaners for my son to get starched for some occasion he is going to this weekend. Kind of reminded me of my Navy days when you would have your tropical whites starched and pressed so they would literally stand up at attention without you being in them.

Rigg’s and I went out for some backyard fun today, he sure loves having anyone to play with and will wear you out in no time flat.

Then we all waited for Nicole to come home from school, to both Sadie & Rigg’s this a a highlight of their afternoon and they know by their internal clocks when it is 03:30pm as they start sitting and watching out the back door for her to come home.Then as she comes in the back door, Sadie does her ballet spins on her hind legs and Rigg’s is right in there to steal a kiss and a lick. Nicole in the meantime is yelling Rigg’s your getting me all wet. It just makes Grandpa’s afternoon and I laugh out loud each day. I find it fascinating that dogs know when it is time for a kid to get home.

It was a sunny but cool day in the 50’s today in Dardenne Prairie, you can tell winter is just around the corner ready to pounce on us.I hope we have the sunny weekend they promised so the roof will be finished up. In the last week we had three rainy days and three days of high winds where you couldn’t get on the roof.

Hope everyone is having a good time and all the ones that are heading south find fair weather. Donna sent me an e-mail saying she was checking out the rates and the amenities at the Sands RV Park in Palm Springs. Don’t know what that is about since we have to have the fiver repaired before we make any trips, and I am looking forward to a Florida trip in March first. But maybe it’s just for a future winter trip. Anyway it sure looks like a nice park on the website and all those Canadian friends can’t be wrong. Eh.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Hey, Donna is thinking ahead...I like that...You two need to get that 5'er on the road next Spring...Life is too short. You and Donna need to get away and follow the dream...It's very cleansing..Time to get back to who started this thing..you and Donna.

  2. We are in Corona CA. About 45 minutes from Palm Springs with good traffic flow. We are cloudy and in the 50's today. We are heading to the Sands next Friday to try and catch that sun and warmer weather. Hard to believe what a change 50 or so miles make in Calif.

  3. Our doggies have an inner clock as well. They KNOW when Stephen gets off work. Love those doggie kisses!!

  4. our 'boys' have that internal clock too..today I was late though...but they are still happy happy happy when someone gets home!!

  5. We took a daytrip to Palm Springs when we were staying at The Slabs in CA, was too crowded and commercial for our tastes, but many caddy's and mercedes driving around with leathery tanned wrinkly old blue hairs with jewel studded fingers clutching the steering wheels as they went from mall to mall! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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