Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up early again and had our morning coffee, Then Donna headed out to the truck company & restaurant.
I started with a trip to the hardware store and got the RV pink stuff to winterize the trailer before we get a hard freeze.
Then I started to pack for tomorrow’s trip to Branson. I am looking forward to seeing these guys I haven’t seen since the late 60’s.
I put my collection of Navy pictures that I scanned and digitized over the last couple years on DVD’s and then made a copy  for each of them. I was going to try and have a tee shirt made with our old squadron patch and logo on it but I will have to get home addresses and mail them later. It was going to take a week to do them and I didn’t go to the tee place until Monday.
Packed two of my old Squadron Ball caps so Donna & I would each have one and a couple of Navy related shirts. I can’t for the life of me find my USS Independence ball cap, Found the USS Shangri La one and the squadron caps though. I will have more than enough veterans apparel for the stay. Branson is celebrating Veterans Week and my one buddy Barry has been there before and said it is an awesome week to visit with special shows and tributes for veterans, also discount pricing.
We will leave tomorrow as soon as  Donna gets home. I set up the laptop and programmed Streets and Trips to take us to the resort were staying at, West Gate Branson Woods Resort it is really a great looking place with a Resort Hotel, Cabins & Villas, 2 outdoor pools and one indoor pool and 2 hot tubs. Restaurant & Lounge.
Were both excited about the trip, Poor Rigg’s was watching me loading my suit case on the bed and was trying to get my arm out of it, He knows a separation is coming for a few day.
The camera is ready so we will be sending pictures when we post from the hotel.
Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. You sound so excited!! You guys have fun!!

  2. Have fun, travel safe and enjoy your time with your buddies!!!

  3. exciting trip have a blast and enjoy...I'm sure the weather will be good there also

  4. Have a great time!!! Drive carefully and be safe!

    Helen and Paul

  5. Hope you all have a fun safe trip....

  6. You and Donna deserve a good fun time. Enjoy!

  7. Have a great time in Branson! You both deserve a good holiday.

  8. Have fun!!..Riggs will have to stay home and guard the house!!

  9. Looking forward to hearing about your Branson trip. Hard leaving those fur kids behind when you know that they know something is up by their actions. Wishing you a safe trip.

  10. Have a great time getting together with your old friends. Look forward to reading your posts from your trip.

    Kevin and Ruth