Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Up at 05:30AM again, had our coffee,Donna told me they asked her if she could come in today on the day shift at the restaurant.How did I guess we wouldn’t have a day off together this week. Well we did have Thanksgiving Day, so I guess I can be Thankful for that. Anyway she got out of here at 09:00AM. So I jumped in the truck and headed over to the Shop & Save grocery store before the 09:00 Mass let out. and the store was swarmed. managed to get in and out and just beat the rush as they were leaving the church lot as I drove by on my way home. For years Donna & I would attend the 10AM mass until she disliked the new pastor they sent out to raise funds for a new church. The one thing she got tired of fast was being referred to as “oh your Sam’s wife” instead of her own name. She said he might be good at raising money but he sure isn’t a people person. Plus it went from a small town parish where everyone knew and helped each other, to Money, Money Money, They kind of forgot the religion part somewhere along the way, so our family just parted company with them. Funny thing they still send envelopes to the house several years after we stopped attending, but know one ever called to see what the problem was. Believe me they would have got an earful from Sam’s wife.

Nicole helped Grandpa carry the groceries up from downstairs, she is such a good helper. It’s just little things like that that make you realize you have raised some good kid’s.

Still a cold misty day again, I was hoping the guys would get some time in on the roof, if they got one nice dry sunny day it would be finished I believe.

Anyway That’s about it from Dardenne Prairie,hope you all have a good week. and be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Tell Donna that THIS Donna said not to work so hard...
    I totally get it with the "organized" religion...I find the outdoors as close to God as anything and I figure you can pray any darn time you want...Just my personal opinon, peeps..no Hate Mail please!

  2. No hate mail from me Donna of Dennis and Donna I hear you loud and clear..and feel the same way-I understand how both Donnas feel...for many years Rick and I were the 'fund raising' committee of our church-I was the treasurer for over 5 years, and we were both the repair committee and anchors of the choir. And it became all about the almighty $-due to that we stopped going-and like you still received envelopes in the mail for donations etc. now that dear little church is a used car lot..go figure...have a super week Donna and Sam..retirement is getting closer.

  3. I'm grateful that you and Donna had Thanksgiving together. I don't go to Church because of what people do or don't do - I go because I love my Father in Heaven and I want to worship Him.

  4. Tell Donna to learn how to say "no" to some of those request. She needs to take care of herself.
    So glad you two had a wonderful Thanksgiving together!!

  5. Another Donna weighs in...I was raised in church...involved in church...worked for the church...loved the church...but love God more. When it becomes a business and a business of judgement not love, we got out. We still worship and we still believe, but can't do the involved church thing anymore. God bless you if you do...or don't ♥.

  6. Wow there are a lot of Donna's on here ~ I might as well jump in too... lol Glad you had a good week sorry you didn't get more time together...
    Have fun