Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Up at 05:30am again then at 10:00AM Donna headed into the Restaurant for her Sunday extra shift.
Things were so slow around the Ranch today that I had to check my pulse to see if I was still pumping blood.
It was a rainy grey cold day, so the roof still isn’t finished, but almost.
Rigg's 11-20-11a
Even Rigg’s was moving slow, if at all today.
He gives the word Lop a new meaning sometimes, how can such an energetic three year old be such a lop at times, and spoiled, now he needs a pillow.He was sleeping when I took this and never moved a muscle, to say leave me alone.
Since I am so late in posting better get this out. be safe out there, Sam & Donna…


  1. Sam, about being number one commentor on Ricks blog, Bob the fellow that beat you lives in Austria or somewhere South of Germany. He is 7 or more hours ahead of us, so he is up about the time we go to bed. Going to be hard to beat that........

  2. I think Riggs has the right idea!! Some days are just meant to roll over and go back to sleep. :-)

  3. Riggs looks so comfy... Have a great day Sam!!!!

  4. a lazy Sunday morning sleep in..what's wrong with that?..a whole lotta nothin'!!..have a great day!!

  5. Rigg's has the right idea for some days!

  6. Now that the weather is cooler in the morning, our girls don't want to move off the bed either. But they are under the covers. A relaxing day - perfect.

  7. Riggs' definitely has the right action plan :)...especially on a blah day...

  8. Riggs like our Lilly seams to like all the comforts. Lilly will move from bed to bed until the last person gets up. You asked yesterday if she was a lab she is a mix of lab and pit bull. Loves the water, people, dogs, and cats and all the ball time she can get in. She is a big baby.

  9. Way to go Riggs - you take it easy there fella.