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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up at 04:30AM, had coffee with my bride, then she was off to the truck company. Last night she showed me an ad for Rural King that had a 5500 watt(6500 surge) generator that will be on sale on Thanksgiving Day only marked down from $599 to $399. I went and looked at it and I believe it is a Generac, But with Rural Kings name on it. It has the Honda style ohv motor, electric start, 120 and 240 volt outputs.I asked the Manager if he heard it run and he said it is about the same as the Generac I heard there in the spring.I asked him to look and he said they had 18 in stock, so I guess I will be waiting Thursday morning before 07:00AM for them to open.

The also had a 3000 watt model with electric start, that was priced at $399, but would be 20% off on Thur, Fri & Sat. I would even consider that as 3000 watts will run an RV A/C.

Anyway after that, I waited until 03:30PM and was at Adam’s bus stop in Warrenton to pick him up, He will be spending Wednesday with us as his Mom has to work and there is no school tomorrow.

We finally heard from our friends Paul & Helen who are having their share of adventure’s in Mexico. We hadn’t seen a blog or gotten an e-mail in about a week and started to worry. But they posted a blog today, and had a multitude of adventures and misadventures to report. They slid off the road and had some damage to their motorhome, but luckily it is nothing to impair driving it.

Donna said she would have packed it in and headed back to the states. Were hoping they meet up with KEVIN & RUTH in Mazatlan, They are a lot more experienced at Rving in Mexico and probably can help them out.

That’s about it for now. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

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  1. good luck with shopping for the generator..hope the line up isn't too long!!