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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Sunday we got up early at the hotel and had coffee and Sam worked on the blog post in Live and Picasa. Then we got in the truck to go to McDonald’s so we could get a wi-fi and post and check our mail for the day.
At Noon we met the gang, Barry&Bonnie, and John & Donna at the Titanic Museum It turned out to be a very interesting and neat tour, when you board they give each passenger a card and on it is the name of a passenger who made the actual voyage, Sam’s was a priest, and Donna’s was an elegant lady. At the end of the tour they have a wall where you can look at the name of your passenger and see if they survived the voyage, Donna & mine did not. so were floating in the North Atlantic. No camera’s were allowed inside.
                              HMS Titanic.
              An Iceberg can ruin your day.
Then it was Ruby Tuesdays for lunch before an afternoon show.
     Hope John was describing a fish he caught. John was in Barry’s Hal-3 unit  Viet Nam.
From lunch it was to a show by the Fercos Brothers from Europe. They are a family of Magician, Acrobats, and Wild Animals Trainers and have a simply awesome show featuring Tigers,panthers, and a large male lion that is allowed to walk on the stage on a leash in the world.One of the tigers is white. just a really neat show where these big cats appear in magic routines that make you sit there and say “how do they do that”/ Unfortunately no photography or flash was allowed during the show for safety reasons.
After the show we went to Lone Star for a nice supper.
Barry&Bonnie Waluda, Barry flew with Sam many times in the same aircraft 40 years ago, He also was awarded the Silver Star, for his duty in Viet Nam.
Sam &Donna11-06-11a
                              Sam & Donna.
After the supper we headed to our evening show which was a Country & Western show, with the Bacon Family where everyone in the family including the Grandson appears and sings,even the two great grandsons made appearances to hold the flag and one road a play horsey during a western number, they were 4 or 5 years old. It was a great show.
                                Music Hall.
                                Bacon Family.
One thing I have to mention is how the city of Branson is so friendly, especially to our countries Veterans and present service men & women. This is something that is 365 days a year, not just Veteran’s week. Every show we attended, admission was free to the veteran. At each show you were asked to stand and be recognized for you service. Every restaurant we ate in gave at least a 10- 20% discount to the veteran parties. Everywhere you went you were welcomed with a “Thanks for your service” and a handshake or hug. Talk about make you feel at home.This is a great town to visit and if you don’t have a real time it can only your own fault. We have decided to stay an extra night just to share this with our friends. Sam says he is so embarrassed and humbled by all the attention given to the veterans, in his words flying in the Navy was a whole lot more fun than working in a filling station as a teenager.
For all of our friends and family out there, we are having a great time and it was sure great to get away especially Donna from her two jobs and just have fun.
That’s about it for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Looks like some great shows. We have never been to Branson but looks worth a trip. Glad you are having a good time with Donna, and some of your long time friends. Enjoyed the post.

  2. Servicemen and women deserve every bit of recognition and thank you that this country can give them. We too were very impressed with the shows in Branson both for their cleanness and for their love of country. Glad you guys are having such a great time. And I can tell that John is a true fisherman and exaggerating the size of that catch.

  3. The Titanic tour sounded interesting.

    Glad Branson is treating you service guys right! Thank YOU for your service!

  4. So glad you are having such a grand time and relaxing. Branson sounds like a wonderful place and I am glad they appreciate our servicemen and women. I always try and say "thank you" when I see someone in uniform. You deserve our appreciation.

  5. So, Sam got a 'Priests' room - hope he was a good boy during the tour!

    Too bad about not being able to take photos on the Titanic, I wonder what that's all about?

    Looks like you're having a great time!

  6. I can understand Donna being an elegant woman, but Sam a priest??? :)

  7. I imagine the Titanic tour was really amazing. I would love to do that one day. Glad you all decided to stay an extra day. Enjoy!!

  8. Sam, you deserve a vacation and all that goes with it as recognition of your service. Donna, you deserve these days of vacation as a break from your long hours at the trucking company and then the restaurant on nights and weekends. We couldn't be happier for both of you.

  9. We are glad you guys are having a good time and we thank you for your service..

  10. Enjoying all you guys are doing... so glad that people are being patriotic and remembering those who served so we ALL can be free!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. So glad you guys have been having such a fantastic time. We are glad to hear that Branson treats it's military and veterans so well. It should be like that everywhere. You risked your lives to make the USA what it is today, FREE!

    Kevin and Ruth