Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up early,had coffee with my bride. Then did some blogging.

Want to take this opportunity to WELCOME our 133rd follower, LAUREN MILLER, didn’t see that she has her own blog yet. But if you do Lauren let us know. We sure hope you have fun watching the antics of the Weibel Clan here at the Weeb Ranch as we move toward fulltiming in our fiver.

Donna wanted a little holiday spirit in the blog so I put up a header of when we still had our Pond in front and decorated for the season. One year we had over 6000 lights and got a Thank You note from the Electric Co-op. people would slow down on the road to get a good look. Too much work now so we don’t do it anymore.

Adam had to wait until about 02:30PM before any of his friends got home from daycare today. He is now a happy camper out playing with his friends, The forecast for today was sunny and 50’s , but it has been cloudy and right now is 44 degrees. Kid’s don’t even notice it.

Well the insurance agent called Donna yesterday and told her than even though he had argued for us, the company still turned down the claim, stating that if it had been a sudden loss, like a burst pipe, it would have been covered, they changed their story in mid stream again. Our agent was disappointed and said how do you expect to sell insurance if a customer  can’t get his claim through. He by the way the State Farm agent owns an RV himself.

I called the fellow that I liked and had the $2400 dollar bid and he said he could start on it next week and take from 2 to 3 weeks to complete it. I told him great, just call when you want it delivered to your shop. It will be indoors the whole time so that is good.

I have pretty much decided to wait until Fri and buy the 3000 watt generator instead of the 5500 watt. it will be $80 dollars cheaper with the 20% off sale, and it will fit in the space I have for it in the truck and also is smaller in case I want to build it into the fiver, It has electric start, and will not be as loud, and also will run longer on a gallon of fuel. 3000 watts will be more than enough for our little 30 amp electric fiver.If I ever decide to upsize the trailer I will buy one that is factory equipped with a generator, so this just makes the most sense, even without the Friday discount it is the same price as the Thanksgiving Day sale on the bigger one $399.

Before I forget, tomorrow is the holiday so.




We here at the Weeb Ranch have a lot to be thankful for and we are. We have had a safe year and good health all around and are getting closer to our dream..






















From all of us here at the Weeb Ranch, Sam,Donna, Andy, Samantha, Adam, Nicole, Rigg’s & Sadie.

Have a great Holiday and be safe out there..


  1. Of course you know I gotta steal the Maxine giblets and bra cartoon....You all have a blessed Thanksgiving with those you love...

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you all on the east side of the state.

  3. I can definitely understand why you don't put up all those lights anymore. They are beautiful, but oh the work involved. Sure wish you had had better news on the insurance front. Good luck with the repairs. I think our generator is a 3500 (I think) and it works great for our 30amp fiver. We also have an inverter so I can watch TV without running the generator. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with love to all of you from the Dixon clan.

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  5. With Donna cooking, I know your Thanksgiving dinner will be scrumptious! And with all those young folks around, it will be a warm time for you. :)

  6. Don't give too much turkey to Rigg's and Sadie, or you'll be sorry! :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a great day!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!..enjoy your day tomorrow!!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Sam, Donna and all of your family!

    Sorry to hear about the insurance claim being denied but that's all too typical of insurance companies.

  10. I love your header picture,,,,gets me in the Christmas spirit....

    But wait, I gotta get rid of all this Turkey first!!
    Happy Thanksgiving,,,,to you all!

    Sorry about the Insurance.. I guess thats why everybody hates us! Just like when I was a Cop and pinched people..... Guess so much of my life has been making people mad at me....What a great life..
    But, I sure do love it!!