Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alum Creek Doggie Park

Friday morning about 10am we jumped in the truck and headed off to the Alum Creek State Park Doggie Park.

AlumCreekdoggiepark07-23-10b The doggie park is divided into three sections, a small dog area, large dog area. and an aquatic area. Rigg’s went to the large dog area which is a huge field fenced, with shade tree’s and bench’s.





Rigg’s met plenty of new friends and did a lot of smelling,and got along with all the other dog’s.

Then it was off to the aquatic area, this we knew would Rigg’s favorite so we saved the best for last.






Rigg’s met a blonde he liked, the picture almost looks like Jodie & Coco his two Florida Lab friends.


Rigg’s cries like a baby when his Daddy leaves the trailer,he watches out every window till he see’s his Dad coming back.




Then as soon as Sam sits down Rigg’s is there to get his lovin.Sam&Rigg's07-23-10a

The afternoon was spent at the beach where Grandpa & Adam spent better than 3 hours in the water, They both came back with wrinkles.

About 5PM our nephew Patrick came by and we went for a boat ride on his pontoon boat. That pretty much killed the day.








             Patrick & Rigg’s the lapdog.

So far it is an excellent vacation, aside from a couple quick showers, the weather has stayed good, we can only hope the last two days are as good. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. What a great dog park! I could skip the water part as Emma has no interest in getting wet. :) You've had a great vacation so far.

  2. Dog parks are great - it's amazing how they all seem to get along. That tubing behind the boat sure looks like fun!

  3. Fantastic dog park....what a great concept. We, too, could skip the water park cause Cody (Golden Retriever no less) wouldn't go in the water. He never grew up near water so he isn't used to it. He is getting older now and has no interest.
    It looks like Riggs has had a great vacation also. I love the pics of him waiting on his daddy. Cute!!

    Mike & Gerri

  4. Love the dog park! Looks like Riggs is a daddy's boy. Don't you love how much these guys want to be near us? Except when it's hot and they want to sit in our laps! LOL!


  5. One of the reasons we enjoy boondocking so much is the freedom it allows the dogs. We are very fortunate while at the ranch in Arizona for a few months these past two winters to have 3 acres of totally fenced off coyote proof fencing. We can just let our guys out the door & away they go with the 2 ranch dogs.

  6. I think it's great that you're having such a good time. Adam and Riggs must be in Heaven. The memories have got to be priceless.

    Helen and Paul

  7. Yowza Riggs!!! Having a grand vacation, we see. FANTASTIC!!! Looks like you are having a great time in the water. We hope it's not as cold as it is up here. Actually, we can't wait to get back in our pool in Florida. Alaska was good for a change of pace, but the warm Florida water is where it's at, at least for us.

    Later Dude!

    Jodie and Coco

  8. Looks like your having a great vacation with the wife and grandson.

    Riggs is having a ball him and Annie would love to swim together.

    Have fun and stay cool..

  9. Riggens, you ol' devil..You have a yearning for blondes, don't you?? And showing off your swimming technique for her...genious...You are one smart and lucky Black Lab!!

  10. Rigg's is an awesome dog, Sam. He sure had a great time at that dog park...which was fantastic BTW. Hope the heat isn't getting to you guys too much back there this weekend. You could always jump in the water with Rigg's.

  11. I love the dog park with the aquatic area! There's not much better than a great dog park outing with the kids!

  12. the dog days of summer!!..love the dog park!!..but I am so tired!!..been at daycare for a week..I am exhausted..next time I will be there!

  13. Hey Sam........Hope Rigg's didn't run off with your computer. Haven't heard from you folks in a couple days.

  14. That is an excellent dog park. Too bad more place didn't offer parks like this!

    Looks like you, Donna, Adam and Rigg's are having a great vacation. Unbelievable that it is almost over, time flys when you are having fun.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Oh, so Riggs has fallen for a blonde! He better not be telling any blonde jokes. Glad you guys have had such a great vacation!

  16. My gosh you even planned a special vacation place for the dog!!!! You are just too much! LOL

    I really like your getaway trip day by day postings, even though I am reading them all later. I am trying to catch up on my blogs cuz we were camping without an air card signal over the weekend and still trying to catch up yet!

    Karen and Steve
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