Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes Thank God it's Friday, tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for, Donna & I were up at 04:30am, had our coffee, Donna reminded me to make sure and pack Rigg's doggie brush, his new ducky, and both of his leash's the standard one and the one that expands and retracts. he sometimes needs to be kept on a short leash when he gets rambunctious and wants to pull, I put his blanket on the rear seat of the truck, Him and Adam will have to share it, I can see Rigg's becoming a pillow not so far down the road, They will both snuggle up and go to sleep.

All my packing is done, Donna has to put her bag together, and then we will load it and the laptop and that should be it. Adams' bags are loaded, his bike will be secured to the bike rack tonight when he finishes riding it today.

This morning at 08:00am I went out and fired up the compressor in the garage and checked all the tires on the truck and trailer, The truck normally carries 65lbs. front and back, but on trips I bump the rear to 75lbs because of the added hitch weight(1000lbs). the trailer I keep at 65lbs and that seems to be near enough to the max to keep them in good shape.

When I was done with that I touched up the paint on the bike rack, and I noticed a few rust flecks on the white wheels, luckily I had some gloss white so I sanded them and touched up the wheels also.

Oh yeah when I washed it the other day I received a comment from Judy TRAVELS WITH EMMA  asking if I had washed the back since I did not have a picture of it. Well the answer was no the back was overhanging a small bush with the bike rack on back so I had to wait till I turned it around last night to wash the back real good.


                      Back is shining now too.


                      Parked Ready to Roll.

The Weibel's07-16-10

Sign inside rear window, course I added Adam's name to it.

Sometime after 08:00am Saturday we will be heading east on I-70 to Indianapolis where we will hit I-74 to the Cincinnati Area, maybe we will pass a fellow blogger on the way who knows in this small world. So if you see the sign you will know it's us.

We will be staying at the Little farm RV Resort in Rising Sun IN. from Sat until Thursdays morning.

Can't wait to give the command Let's Roll tomorrow morning, as long as we can find wi-fi we will make posts and post pictures as the week goes by. Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna, also Adam & Rigg's....



  1. I tried to send you a comment yesterday, but somehow I accidentally deleted it before it got sent. I was commenting about Adam and how helpful he has been during the preparations for the trip. It's great that he's so involved and looks forward to the camping trips as much as you do. I hope that continues even when he's a teenager!

  2. Bon Voyage!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Have a safe and great trip! Keep up the posting if you can! I'm GREEN with envy!!

  4. You guys have a good time on your trip and (Be safe out there)

  5. Have a safe trip Sam, Donna, Adam and Riggs!! Drive careful and take lots of pictures for us.
    Oh, and most of all enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. I'm so excited for you guys to hit the road!! Looking forward to reading about how Adam adapts to RV life. Hopefully one day, we can meet up! Have fun, and be safe!!


  7. Have a great trip and drive carefully!

  8. Safe travels and Great Times!

    Paul, Helen, Jodie, and Coco

  9. Looks like you're all set to go. Glad to hear you don't have a dirty rear end! :)

  10. Hey, wake up you guys.......it's Saturday & time to get on the road!! Safe travels:))

  11. So good to get caught up with you and wish you happy camping! Thanks for reading my blog.

    We got an unexpected night off tonight so am trying to get caught up with blogs.

  12. Safe travels to you all. I know you will be having a wonderful and exciting trip.