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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

We started the day as usual Donna was up and at em at 04:30am, for some reason Sam missed his normal wake up time and slept until 05:45am I had just missed Donna leaving for work, Drat the luck. Andy was next off the launching pad for work and I then looked at a couple of blogs.
At about 07:45am I noticed it was 74 degrees and sunny outside so I backed the truck out and got the buckets, long brush, Simple Green, Wash & Wax, and a step ladder, and since today was declared Wash the Trailer Day in Dardenne Prairie. I decided to get an early start. Naturally my Canon was there to document the progress. Just so my son will see I actually washed it like I have been saying I would, I took all the implements of washing with me on my last two outings with the trailer figuring on taking advantage of a cool morning in a campground to do it and procrastinated both times, So I think when I told him today was the day his answer was "Yeah right Pop".
             Top of the awning gets done first.
                   The the bottom of the awning.
                                Then the right side.
                            The front cap.
                               The left side.
                             Finished, what a shine.
It really came out nice, I washed and brushed it first with Simple Green, that takes all the bugs and black stains off, then I power rinse it and then spray, wash and wax on and brush it again and then rinse it with the hose. The result is a shinny finish just like you waxed it, of course you should then wash it every couple weeks with wash & wax to keep it that way and not let the heavy stuff build up like I did over the winter, but now with the black trim touched up and the thorough wash it really looks nice.The Wash & Wax comes in a gallon plastic bottle at Auto Zone for about $10, I get two trailer washes out of one bottle, I pour half in the soap container on the power washer and then fill the reservoir the rest of the way with water, the power washer had a setting to put the soap mix on in a slow fine spray and then all you do is brush it, I prefer to rinse that off with a normal hose rather than blast it off with the power washer, It just seems if you are going to have any wax you don't want to blast it off, anyway it seems to work for me, Maybe the other guys do it different my son says I just add work doing it my way.
Well that takes care of one more day before vacation, Tomorrow I will probably pick up Adam and then Thursday will be the grocery run for the trailer, and then Friday will be the tire checks and final everything. We plan on being loaded Friday night and blasting off, Saturday morning.
That's about it for now, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Good job, Sam. It looks great. Good thing you had the camera there to document it all!

  2. That washing & waxing stuff is always a big task & not one of my favorite things to do anymore. If the rig isn't dirty I don't fuss with it. I read about guys washing & waxing their rigs from campground to campground almost & I always wonder where they get all that energy & interest to do that. A few miles down the road & the big darn things are just all dirty again anyway. We have very heavily chlorinated water here & it leaves chemical spots all over everything & that is another deterrent so basically I just let Mother Nature look after things with her occassional heavy duty rain storms......

  3. What brand of wash and wax? \there are several out there but Rain-X and Meguires both make ones that I might try.

  4. Anticipation of a vacation is the adult version of Dec. 24th, except with more work involved.

    The fiver looks great.

  5. Your 5er certainly sparkles in the sun with all of that cleaning and waxing finished. I got tired just reading all about it. :)

  6. Whooa Sam! You are making me tired! I have that to do yet...plus the roof. I HATE washing the front...seems I cannot reach that very top part...Simple green, eh?? ...and Wash and Wax from Auto Zone??? I must change my procedure..I don't plan to get that ambitious anytime soon, though. Do you hire out??

  7. Great job Sam...now if I hurry can I bring our motorhome over for you to wash??? Actually, Mike has been washing ours. He started with the roof which is a BIG job and did one side and the back last night and will finish the other side tonight. It takes awhile because he doesn't want to wash it in the sunlight.
    I know you all are getting excited and can't wait for Saturday. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  8. So, did you not wash the back side? (no pictures of that!) :) Luckily for me, wash your rig day hasn't been declared yet in Island Park, ID. :)But I really must wash the bugs off of the front before I leave on Aug. 9.

  9. OHhh spanking clean and ready to roll!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Glad you got that job done. I need to know your address...we will be happy to stop by and have your wash our dirty motor home.