Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Well it was with anticipation that I jumped out of bed at 04:30am, coffee with Donna, and then she was off to the truck company. Andy was off next, and then Adam slept in till about 08:30am, as soon as he finished breakfast I went down and removed the two propane tanks, like most 5th wheels it has two 40lb. upright tanks, Adam & I set out for the propane place in Wentzville where I have always filled  my tanks for the last 15-20 years, funny things happen in suburbia, as I pulled into the driveway I noticed a sign that said Out of Business, the big tank was till there and a couple of trucks were parked inside the locked chain link fence. Now what, I seemed to remember a filling station where the used to fill bottles with propane so I headed over there and yep they still did it, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, seems the gallon meter wasn't working so the fellow filled them by weight, one I knew was completely empty and other was probably about 3/4 empty. Anyway the guy said I am going to charge you $30 for the empty one and I will top the other one off for $10, Sounded fair to me as I was getting both filled for $40 These are the tall cylinders and not the short BBQ style that are usually $28-30 dollars to exchange.

After the tanks were filled we went to Wally World, Adam needed a new pair of vacation shoes, and socks and underwear. Then it was off to Shop & Save, where list in hand we got the grocery provisions for the trailer for the trip.

I was really proud of Adam as he was Grandpa's helper with all the carrying and loading of the trailer, he is as excited as I am about this trip. He even tried to pick up one of the propane tanks but at 65 lbs it was just a tad to heavy for him.


Adam loading groceries with the propane tanks ready to be reinstalled.


                        More Groceries.



            Now let's load the Fridge & Cupboards.

Tonight I will hitch the truck up and check all tire pressures and then position it for a fast departure on Saturday morning.

That's about it for now, We are going into one more day to go.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I got heart palpitations just looking at your grocery bags in the camper..Maybe I could hitch a ride...I can cut hair..and I build a mean campfire...(learned that from an old Indian Scout, Chief Dennis. Thanks for the train horn info!! Looking forward to camping with you..at least on your blog...

  2. Always nice to have that last minute excitment in the air before heading off on a trip. Fueling the tanks, groceries, etc. etc. Best part for me is turning the ignition key, pulling that lever into drive & feeling the big wheels begin to roll.....Yahooie Louie:))

  3. I'll bet Adam is excited!! And, Riggs too! And Sam and Donna also! Great to see Adam is such an eager helper. Bon voyage - have a safe trip.

  4. I just love to read about you and Adam. Such great friends the two of you are! It always reminds me of my son and my father. They were such great buddies. Adam is such a special young man!!
    I know you all are getting excited and can't wait for Saturday! I can't wait to read all about this camping vacation. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Have a wonderful trip! The anticipation of a new adventure gets everyone excited, especially kids. :)


  6. Okay - almost ready to pull out!! One more day and off you go.

    Thanks for the reminder. Earlier in the week Len checked our tanks. We have two plus a spare. We have not filled since March and live in our rig. This weekend he needs to take two to be filled.

    Aside for treats for the kids, I see you also are prepared with an "adult beverage"!

    Have fun.

  7. I hope you have an excellent adventure guys!

  8. Heading out is always exciting, no matter what your age! I always have a restless night of sleep the day before a move.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation, and...be safe out there!

  9. How exciting when you get this close to departure! Love it that Adam is helping and stowing and loading and unpacking. Really builds up his enthusiasm for this trip I bet. Have a GREAT TIME!!!

    Karen and Steve
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