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Friday, July 30, 2010


Today started as usual coffee with Donna and then she was off to work, she will have another double today with going straight to the restaurant. Andy left about 06:00am and I was left to do some blogging and after that I decided to take a trip to the National Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood MO, Or THE TRAIN MUSEUM, as everyone calls it, I wanted to take some pictures on my new Canon and what better subjects for a train nut, than, are you still with me?, TRAINS...When I left home it was sunny and 80 in Dardenne Prairie, it is about a 20 minute drive south to Kirkwood MO. and as I pulled into the parking lot the sun went behind a cloud and that was it for sunny & 80, it became cloudy and muggy. OH well, just have to see how it shoots on a cloudy day. After 65 shots the rain started so that ended today's great adventure, The Train Museum is one of those great secrets of stuff close to home that you never tire of, If anyone else out there likes trains and cars and yes they even have a C-47 Transport plane in the entrance drive. This Museum has really a lot to offer and it probably has one of the larger collections of trains in one place. It was hard to decide what pictures to choose, but the first one I picked was for Donna up in Sandwich IL. it shows one of the original Burlington Zephyr Streamliners like the front of that Train Car Restaurant was trying to copy.
Maybe This went by your house years ago Donna.
This one has family ties, as my Grandfather was an E-L employee and may have run this in the 60's.
How about a Big Boy, Worlds Largest Steam Engine.
TrainMuseum07-30-10ax  U.P.R.R. also had the Worlds Largest Diesel.
                 First successful Freight Diesel.
B&O one of the first Passenger Diesels, before Streamlining.
Camera did good on this detail shot of a roller bearing.
A train trip anywhere beats a plane trip anytime.
Until recently the 1522 was used to pull excursions out of the St Louis Area.
                  N&W Articulated Steam Engine.
How about some cars, the theme for this display this year is Route 66, from the 50's.
                        57 Desoto, Fins anybody.
Nash ,no wonder nobody would let their daughters go out with you if you drove one of these.
                A Couple of Early RV's.
                Immaculate Int'l Harvester Pickup.
                          55 Chevy Nomad Wagon.
                   57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.
Chrysler Gas Turbine. I Saw this as a kid at the Dodge Dealer. In the early 60's
Chrysler, Had a big flathead Spitfire Six to pull that trailer with, all of about 90 horsepower, must have been a real dog.
50's Chevy City Tractor with round front trailer, donated by local St Louis Trucking Company.
This is just a small sample of what they have on display, it is really worth a stop for an afternoon when you are in the St Louis area.
Now I think I will sit around and think about taking the trailer up to Fort Madison IA. to watch some real trains, maybe a couple days next week if I get the grass cut by Tuesday again.
Everyone have a great weekend. and be safe out there,Sam & Donna...


  1. Love the pics of the trains and old cars. I remember driving a '57 chevy bel air, back then those cars were made of metal and not fiber glass. Sam, I think you got a good camera there with your Canon..enjoy photography!
    Take care and thanks for the post!
    Mike & Gerri

  2. Dang, Sam! Those are a lot of fancy trains for you to salivate over. That plus the cars, and I imagine you think you are in heaven!

  3. It looks like your new camera is a winner, Sam. Great pictures! It sounds like you had a good day.

  4. What's the old school bus with train wheels nezt to 1522?

  5. Thanks for the tour, it was great to see those trains and all those wonderful old cars again.

  6. Sam, I guess I need for you to explain something to me about your satellite dish. I think your last header picture showed the dish on the front of the fiver. And yesterday (I think) you talked about moving it to the side of the rig. Here's my question: What if you're not facing the right direction to get a southern sky? What do you do then?

    I liked the pics of the RVs. You know, me and trains don't get along. :)

  7. I love those old cars. And those old RV's are great! People come camping now in those little teardrop trailers. John and I started out in a little trailer sort of like a teardrop.

  8. This museum looks great, Sam. Bruce and I love to tour these types of places. That Nomad was awesome! Thanks for the tour, great pics.

  9. Great pics Sam & your Canon is working well. That 1522 is how I remember most trains in our town many years ago. We lived very close to the train tracks & the train station was only a stone's throw away. My Grandmother remembered hobos getting off the trains back in the 30's & coming to the door asking for food. Steam engines had a special smell to them I always remember too. Oil, coal, steam all mixed into a kind of a sweet smell when you were close to the engine. Sometimes the engineer would crack on a little extra steam & spin the big train wheels on the track. I remember many times standing on the train station platform watching way down the line for the first tell tale sign of the big train light coming First a tiny flicker & then it grew & grew. People would always shout the same thing, "here she comes."

  10. Thanks for the Zephyr pic, Sam..As a matter of fact they used to go right through our backyard. I haven't mentioned this before, but Den's great aunt purchased a train car from Burlington Northern in the early 1930's, had it moved to a vacant lot just houses from where we live now...and she lived in it. According to his 91 year old aunt, it was once a train car belonging to a president of the railroad..set up like an apartment, with living area, bathroom, bedroom, the works..When she sold it, someone built a house around it..It still is underneath that house somewhere..I'll get a pictur and post it soon!!