Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Doing's

Donna was up at 04:30am as usual I stayed in bed till 05:15am, Donna was off to the truck company and then after that to the Restaurant, back to the double shifts. I went to the store about 08:00am and then filled the can with gas for the tractor on the way home . After the groceries were put away I went out with John Deere to finish the back half acre that I left due to the heat yesterday. When I was done with that I went back over the  acre on the left side to try to mulch up some of the clippings, that were clumped up from yesterday, it looked better but still needs another pass, looks like I will have another day of cutting, once it gets ahead of you you never catch up. I was hoping my son would have taken the tractor out once while we were gone, but I forgot to say anything and it was about 8 inches tall when we got back, another couple of inches and I could have used a baler. I called it quits when the temp rose to 95, Donna said they were predicting a heat index of 105 so I said that's enough for me.

Hey here's a couple of vacation shot's of Adam petting the sharks at the Newport Aquarium. What a great thing for a kid, he said they feel a lot better than a slimy catfish.




Grandpa told him when we go to Disney World he is going to go to Shark Reef where you get right in the tank with the sharks and rays and swim with them, Grandpa & his Dad did it the last time we went, but Donna chickened out when she saw the sign that said the water temp was 50 degrees. you wear a wetsuit top and fins but your legs get a little cold.

Now the big question for the day is what will I make for a supper for one. So many choices, Maybe a homemade pizza, then you can always have the leftovers for lunch or a TV snack. Pizza & beer, Now that is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

I was glad to see all the favorable comments on our vacation, Thank you all for taking the time to comment, especially when we were limited the last few days to just a short time of wi-fi connection.

We really hope to meet all of you good folks who make this blog such an RV family thing. anyone crossing MO. on I-70 is welcome to contact us and Sam will arrange for a spot at the Lake campground as our guest, we can meet and have a few minutes of social time when Donna gets home from work. There is really a lot to see in the Metro St Louis area, you could spend several days and not see half of the sights.

That's about it for now,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Fun pictures!!! WE love your new blog pic.

  2. I am a firm believer that pizza has all of the major food groups....and beer is cleansing...I can justify just about anything.
    Swimming with the sharks...Is that anything like "swimming with the fishes"?...sure hope not! I am with Donna..Just the thought of my celutite stuffed into a formfitting wetsuit, then add some fins...NOPE>>NOT FOR ME EITHER!!

  3. Well, I have to agree with both Donnas....nobody would want to see this body stuffed in a formfitting ANYTHING!! I can only imagine the fun Adam will have though!!! :-)

    Thanks Sam and Donna for the wonderful invite if we (or any of this blog family) should be in the area! You are so gracious...sitting down and chatting with you two would be great!!

    Take care and stay cool!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. New header? Looks great! I'm with Donna too, you'll never get me in a tank with any kind of shark! Pizza always sounds good for dinner to me!

  5. You better be wearing your St. Christopher's medal if you're gonna get in there with those shark!!! Do you think your grandma's idea about hanging garlic around your neck would be added protection, or would the shark use it as seasoning before they take a big bite....YIKES!! You are BRAVE!!

  6. love the new header picture.!..nice angle!!

  7. Dang! Wished I had known about your invite last year when I spent the summer at Swan Lake NWR, near Chilicothe. I'll keep it in mind though the next time I pass through MO. :)

  8. Back when I was young and you know what, I would have jumped right into that tank! Now that I am "older" and you know what, I would have to think twice about it.
    I am so glad God loves us....why else would he have created beer and pizza! We are blessed.

  9. Oh what a cool thing to do, reach in and pet a shark! (do they remove the teeth before putting them in that tank??)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard