Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

We were up at 05:00am and we are having coffee and planning for our departure, to drive to Delaware Ohio to the Alum Creek State Park, it shows a little better that a 3 hour drive from here in Indiana. The highlight of our day yesterday was the trip to the Newport Aquarium in Newport Kentucky, right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, this should go on anyone’s list of a must see.








                           Lookout Adam!




Adam & his buddy, both are Hammerheads.

Adam&Grandma07-21-10b            Adam & Grandma at the Aquarium

After the aquarium we had to fight rush hour traffic back to the campground.


We stopped at the Golden Buffet, where we had a great dinner, then on to the campground where Adam quick went to join his friends at the pool, then an hour of bike riding before Grandma picked up the walkie talkie about ten minutes before quiet time,(10pm) and said, “Unit one to the Adam unit, time to come in.” I had all I could do to contain myself listening to the Chief call the young officer in.

Adam&Rigg's07-21-10a  A tired Adam snuggling a few minutes with Rigg’s.


                        Let’s get my bed ready.

It wasn’t long before Adam was putting his bed out and hitting the hay after another long vacation day. funny how when you have a good day you sleep such a contented nights sleep.

That’s about it we will be getting back with you from Ohio, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. another great day for your memory collection.

  2. I love aquariums and sea life!! Which is why it is sooo sad what is happening in the Gulf...Chicago has a huge one, but ya gotta fight HUGE quagmires of traffic to go IN and OUT of Chicago...It is one continuous rush hour!! Enjoy each day with Adam!!!

  3. That walkie-talkie set up is a good idea. :)

  4. Love the Newport Aquarium!! Adam looked so cute with the shark!! There is a huge new aquarium in Atlanta that we should visit BUT we just hate to fight Atlanta traffic and crime. The aquarium is right downtown. I understand the Chicago thing...I don't blame you.
    Yes, it is awful what is happening in the Gulf. We spent last winter there and just loved the ocean and the beach. The sand was so clean and white. That was the first thing that I noticed.

    Travel safe on your next leg of the trip.
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Great pics of that nasty looking shark!! Another great day with your grandson!

  6. Very cool pictures.Thanks for posting them along with the great captions!

  7. Sure looks like a lot of fun going on. Sam & Donna y'all are such awesome grandparents. These are wonderful memories being made that Adam will treasure forever. Rollie & I hope to be blessed with grandchildren and be able to take them camping too. All in God's timing!!! Take care & enjoy one another!!!

  8. SCARY SHARKS!! I think the one with Adam's head in the shark's mouth is priceless! He doesn't look amused :) LOL!


  9. Adam looked great there with Jaws. Your trip to the aquarium looked wonderful. I'm glad you all had suh a great day there.

  10. What a great place to find to take Adam... and I am sure the two of you enjoyed it too! Love the walkie-talkie for keeping track of the boy. We use them to call Steveio from the boat out on the lake, to come in for dinner. Next time I am gonna use the Chief's Lingo! haha

    Karen and Steve
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