Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday at Little Farms RV Resort.

Got up this morning to a bit of rain, had a pretty good storm overnight, had our coffee, and then Adam got up about 07:30am. He had some milk and then at 08:00am he headed out the door with his walkie talkie to bike ride with his friend’s, it has stopped raining and the forecast is for the sun to break through and get into the 90’s again today, so far the plan is to go to an aquarium this afternoon later and then over to Donna’s brother’s house and then out to dinner with them.

Last night we had a cocktail hour with our next door neighbors Paul & Bev from Ohio. They have a 5th wheel similar to ours, and a small yellow lab/mixed female Molly, Rigg’s had a ball playing and romping with Molly. While we were talking a neat golf cart with a body like a 52 Chev Pickup pulled up and Paul introduced Rich, the owner of the Park. he sat and talked with us and we had a really nice visit, Adam&Rigg's07-19-10b.jpg

Adam & Rigg’s in trailer getting a tummy rub.


              Donna, Bev, Adam, Molly & Rigg’s.


                  Rigg’s & Molly playing tug.


     Paul, Donna, Bev, Adam, Rigg’s & Molly.


                     Molly, Rigg’s,& Bev.


                                Paul & Rigg’s


     Paul wanted to take Rigg’s for a walk.

Sam went up to the RecHall and found a rousing game of pool going on.




                        The pool hustler’s.

Donna is starting to learn more about the laptop and the blogs, and is spending time practicing.Donna&Riggs07-19-10a

Morning coffee on the laptop, Rigg’s is still resting up.


Grandma & Adam share some time on the computer.

Adam made a final bike ride with his buddies in the evening and about 09:45PM, 15 minutes before quiet time Grandma called him on the radio and said head for the barn. and he came right back, he had a drink and we made his bed and he put his DVD on and that was it for him, he was down for the count in about 10 minutes. Grandpa followed him soon after. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.



  1. With all the working that Donna does, it's not surprising she hasn't had time to do much computer stuff. It's good to see her having some time off. :)

  2. Great pictures! I loved it when the boys were so busy all day camping that they were asleep in 2 minutes!

  3. Sounds like a great time with family and new friends Sam!

  4. Sounds like a good time to me!! Hey we used to have a Cougar like the one you were at. That park you're at has just about everything a kid would want!!...obviously Riggs is having a great time!! Keep on bloggin!

  5. Nothing like a good day RVing to get a good nights sleep.

  6. Great to see that Riggs has found a playmate! I wouldn't exactly call Adam "Minnesota Fats", but he looks a bit like a "little hustler" to me the way he's holding that pool cue!! Look out!

  7. Looks like you guys are having a great time! I bet Adam loved playing pool. When we were young, my grandparents would take us to spend a night at a hotel so we could swim and play pool :) They were from a small town, so that was always a treat to get out and do something different.


  8. Hey Riggs,

    It seems like you're having a great time and making a lot of friends. We're still up here in Alaska. We went swimming yesterday, but to be honest, it wasn't very nice. We were brought to a place where a small brook ran into the bay near Haines. The brook was coming from a glacier and it was COLD. We tried the bay and it was COLD. One quick dip and we were done.

    We think we're about ready to go back to Florida with the high temperatures and the comfortable pool. I understand that we'll be passing through Missouri in mid August, so we may meet.

    Jodie and Coco

  9. Looks like Adam is becoming quite the pool shark. Even Riggs has found a playmate! You guys continue to have a great time. Love the pics!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  10. Your 5th wheel is laid out much the same as our Rockport 5th wheel was. So nice for everyone to be on the road again doing things totally different from the same old boring home routines.

  11. Looks like a great campground there, Sam. Nice clubhouse too. Adam is sure having a great time on this trip and I know he will remember stuff like this forever. You guys are wonderful grandparents! Enjoy this time of rest and relaxation and have fun.

  12. Looks like you all are having a great time. I admire Donna's efforts on learning the computer. Stay with it!

  13. What a fun time... and that pool shark pose is just too adorable! So nice for Rigg's to have a new friend too. It sure looks like a great vacation is underway----

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard