Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Musings

Got home at about 04:30PM yesterday, the vacation is over but Sam is already planning a trip back to Fort Madison to watch trains, We all slept like logs last night, Rigg's was asleep at Sam's feet as soon as he sat at the kitchen table for supper. Adam was played out also, He stayed the night and then after Grandpa did the laundry from the trip and packed his bags back up he took him to Warrenton MO. about noon, and dropped him off at his Mother's. Needless to say he is looking forward another road trip before school starts.

Donna was off at 05:30AM to the truck company and we got a note from our oldest son Sam Jr. who lives in New York City, His office faces the World Trade Center Site, By The grace of God he was across the river in New Jersey on business the morning of the attack, his office was damaged by debris and they were not allowed back into there office for over a month do to the damage and contamination from the collapse. He sent some pictures of the progress at the site from his office window, I will include his E-Mail as it explains the pictures.




To: Weibel, Donna
Subject: WTC Memorial and Freedom Tower Pics

Morning – haven’t sent you any pics on progress on the WTC site lately (mostly because I haven’t been in my office and traveling)  but here you can see they have the footprints for the WTC memorial in and a nice chunk of the freedom tower done (the picture with the red steel and world financial center in the background.  And last one is what's left of the Deutsche Bank building that they have to take down piece by piece because of all the toxic contamination that happened to it from the towers going down and water.

Hope all is well and you enjoyed your vacation!!

Love, Sam

We had a restless day back in 2001 because of the disruption of communications and phones, we did not hear that Sam was alright for almost 24 hours. He told his mother he still gets melancholy some days when he looks out the window and thinks of all the lives that were lost.

As you can see the Hudson River is in the background so he gets to watch the action on the river, Awhile back when the new Navy ship USS New York visited he sent a picture of it passing the window with all the Fire & Police boats spraying water and forming a an honor guard.

Today I had to flush the fresh water tank as we got some bad water Indiana, I filled it right before we left the campground and I noticed one of those big T handles that they use to shut off water in a hole at the end of the row, they must have repaired a leak because when we got to Ohio our fresh water tank was cloudy and had an odor so aside from toilet flushing we were all on bottled water, even Rigg's, Is that the life or what.

I also stopped at the RV dealer and picked up a shut off valve to install in the fresh water drain line, and a weatherproof TV Cable Inlet so I can run a Satellite cable directly from the side of the trailer to the cable box in the entertainment center so I can bypass all the factory wiring. This will give me a good signal without any interference from the antenna amplifier.

Before I forget, I want to welcome Amanda to our list of  followers, Sorry Amanda I don't know exactly when you joined, because of us being away on vacation I had to go to the Office parking lot to get our wi-fi signal so I didn't stay on line long. I hope that explains why a lot of comments didn't get posted and I am about 3 days behind on reading blogs. I apologize to anyone I missed on answering a comment to.

Hope everyone enjoyed our vacation through the blog as much as we did, It was just great to get away and see relatives we haven't seen for awhile and then still have a couple of hours to just sit and relax and talk in the evening at the campsite, with people we met and let the dog's play. Can't wait to do it again, and get on the road again. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Thanks your son for the update on the WTC. I'm sure we all remember where we were when it happened. :(

  2. Welcome Home and I'm glad you had a safe return trip. I'm sure Adam is looking forward to another trip before he has to settle back into school. I think kids could just go all the time...hey, we adults could too! :)

    Enjoy your week.

  3. Glad you all made it back home safe and sound!! It appears everyone is back in their routines...even Riggs.
    I can only imagine the worry you felt that morning in September...so thankful Sam was ok. Thanks for including the pics of the WTC and the building progress.

    Take care!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Glad to hear you all made it back home safely. Those are interesting pictures that your son sent from NYC. What a relief for you that he was safe on that infamous day in history.

  5. Awesome pictures of the memorial from the WTC!!! How awful that must have been in 2001 for your family...I cannot imagine it.
    I'm really not happy to be back either..I am ready to ride along again...Hopefully, Den and I can take you guys with us in the Hiker!! ...A train photographer, eh?? Come on down and set up your tripod...about 3AM is the best time...They start then and never end...

  6. We celebrate that you all had a grand time and arrived home safely.

    Five days after the attacks in NYC we took a load of nursery stock up to Connecticut. (Hubby used to deliver stock for local nurseries on weekends to make vacation money. I usually went with him.) The route takes us across the river from lower Manhattan. The dust was still thick. It was sobering to see the flatbed trucks on the roads taking debris over to Staten Island.

    So fortunate your son was across the river that Day. Likewise, my ex husbands son-in-law by marriage worked in tower two. He stayed home that day to take care of a sick child. Almost everyone in the engineering company he worked for were lost.

  7. Interesting pics of the construction site at the WTC. That would be quite the project to have such a great view of.

    Time to start thinking about your next RV Holiday!

  8. Liked those WTC photos. Always kinda like pics taken by real people instead of just the media types. Just seems to lend more authenticity to the photographs sometimes.

  9. Glad you are home safe and sound now. Did you hear last week or the week before, at the WTC site they found a whole ancient boat hull in the ground? From some ship back when they were extending the island and making more room by filling in with ground, perhaps this was a sunken ship and they fill over it?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard