Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Started the day in the normal way, up at 04:30am, coffee, Donna off to work at 05:30am, Andy off to work at 06:00am. then tried to do some blogging and noticed Blogger was not letting comments in and I won’t know if it is allowing them out till later, but since you get an E-mail notification I did get to read some that way, they just won’t let you moderate them, it says moderated, but they don’t appear on the blog, that’s the second time in two weeks that Blogger has had technical problems here in the Midwest must be some sort of server glitch. Oh well, since I am not endowed with a lot of patience I will just have to wait.
Did another couple of hours of yard work this morning before it reached 90 degrees, that is just to hot even to ride the John Deere. Didn’t mind it so much when I was younger. I was doing some more trimming and the chain saw quit, I was putting it in the case when I saw a silver machine screw with a pointed tip laying on the tailgate, sure enough when I took the motor cover  off it was the screw that controls the idle adjustment and the chain oil spray. It must have vibrated loose and luckily fell on the tailgate as I was adjusting the chain. Got it back in and adjusted and it purrs like a new one, note to self, keep and eye on it now that I know it comes out.
Got a call from Adam about 02:00pm, he said he was bored his friends are away and would I pick him up  today instead of tomorrow, Grandpa said sure, so I drove out to Warrenton MO. to get him. It’s 20 miles each way to his Mom’s house and i ran into rain both going and coming but it was blue skies and 90 degrees both in Warrenton & Dardenne Prairie, wouldn’t you know i washed the truck yesterday so that’s just what it needed was a drive down the interstate in the rain.
Rigg’s was all excited that his buddy was here again, they played for a little while and then Adam announced he was going out bike riding with his friend Devon. So now Rigg’s is on watch duty at the back door waiting for Adam to come back.
Got to quit this to make some supper so it is ready when Donna hits the door. We both like to eat early after a hard day at the salt mine. be safe out there. Sam & Donna


  1. Take good care of that chain saw...Dennis would sleep with his if I let him..They both make the same sound ZZZZZZZZZZ..Adam is one lucky kid to have a great Grampa like you! So important for kids to spend quality time with their grandparents...and their dog...Keep on bloggin!!

  2. Sam...we experienced problems with Blogger today also. We are in the southeast so it must be widespread. We were unable to receive any comments and my comments to other's blogs didn't go through. I really look forward each morning to reading what my friends have had to say and I was so disappointed this morning. I certainly hope they get this fixed soon.
    I bet Riggs is sooo excited to have Adam back to play with. Nothing neater than a boy and a dog....they just go hand in hand. :)

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Awww!! You're an awesome grandpa...just like mine was :) I'm so glad your grandson gets to have these memories you're helping him make.


  4. That was good luck in spotting that little screw. It sure doesn't take much to mess things up. When the temp hits 90 degrees, it's definitely time to quit - way too hot!!

  5. Seems like everybody was having that Blogger problem yesterday morning. Whenever something like that occurs I automatically figure it is just me but am always heartened when I see everyone else having the same problem. Yep, best way to make it rain is to wash your vehicle alright.

  6. Oh what a lucky boy to have Grandpa at his beck and call! LOL Spoil em rotten, I say!~

    (as I write this, I am planning to steal our grandson for the weekend camping too)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Sam, Thank you for your thoughtful comments about the H word the other day on my blog. I appreciate your visit! Sounds as though you had a thoroughly busy and fulfilling day yesterday! I hope Donna appreciated that dinner! The blogger problem is not totally fixed because a few comments that were there yesterday are gone today. You take care...The Camp Host Housewife and Photographer