Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Well we were up at 04:30AM, I slept in Adam's room so I wouldn't wake Donna coming to bed, so I caught hell first thing for not sleeping in my bed. I could see she still looked sick, but when I asked her if she was staying home another day, she said no she felt a lot better and would take some daytime medicine with her. Do I know my bride or what, I knew yesterday that the only way I could get her to stay home was to weld her to the bed.

That's the way she's been for over 30 years so I am not expecting a big change anytime soon.

But who am I to say anything, I loved getting in that patrol car everyday, and for years we both had two jobs to raise the boys and have the things we wanted in life. Thank goodness her Mom lived long enough to provide a babysitter for us that was family.

I just noticed I have some new followers. BETH, WYLIE's WANDERINGS. Then TRAILER CAMPER, RETIREMENT TRIP. And THE GYPSY G_MAS, THE GYPSY G-MAS,LIFE ON THE ROAD , I sure hope you all enjoy the daily antic's of the Weibel Clan, and hopefully as soon as it warms up some of our travels. Rigg's and Sadie will do their best to provide you with some good old fashioned fun.

I want you all to know we appreciate all the well wishes we received hoping for a fast recovery from Donna's flu, I hope she is the road to a recovery , but like I said i am used to her putting work ahead of how she feels.

Looks like Rigg's, and Sadie and I will be watching for Mom to come home soon. Nothing much more for today,

I ordered a Western Digital 80 gig Hard drive IDE, and a an external case and usb cord to put the old hard drive I am taking out in to use as external storage drive. My Desktop , a Dell has a 40 gig hard drive and when I looked the other day  37 gig was used . I didn't want to go to big because it would slow it down and right now at 2.6 gig speed it seems to be running fine. So I called Micro Center, electronics, and they said they would go with the 80 gig and they had a special price on the Western Digital. I paid $50 for both of the items. So I will be upgrading when they arrive by Fed Ex ion a couple days. Hey RICK, if I run into trouble you might get an e-mail screaming for help. The guy in Tech said they send software with the Western Digital to make a mirror image of my current hard drive, and then I can just swap it in and it will boot up fine. but have twice the space. Sounded awful easy to me.

Anyway that's it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Hope Donna made the right choice. She is a lot braver than me. I don't understand any of the technical things about computers.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! My DH was a cop for 26 years...just retired with the dog in April!

  3. Your fridge looks like ground zero? HAHAHAHA!! That gave me a chuckle. You lucky dog that you have so many pizza crusts! Wow! You know if you cut them to make them fit in the RV oven, you'd get to eat pizza twice as often! See, sometimes, I can do math! :)


  4. the techno guy is gone but not far away!!..good luck with the new piece of equipment!!

  5. Your new drive should work just fine. The only thing you'll have to watch is on IDE drives, the one in your computer now will be the Master Drive. So, I think you'll just have to set the new one as Slave until you swap it back in.