Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Got up to about an inch of snow covering all the grass areas of the property, the driveway and roads were pretty much clear but the temperature was 14 degrees. Donna got to sleep in and then she started baking, she made a sheet cake for her bosses surprise 50th birthday party at the restaurant tonight and two trays of brownies.



Andy&Samantha's Brownie01-08-11a

The bottom picture is the small one she made for Andy & Samantha to share, I naturally don't get any because of my diabetes.

Yesterday I said I might look in the vault to see if there was something worth showing, since you all know Rigg's and his training to do tricks I have a blast from the past to show who the real dog trainer in the family always has been.

                                  Heidi & Donna 1987

Donna in 1982 with our German Shepherd Heidi, Heidi could leap from a sitting position almost 8 feet so we had to watch she didn't hit the ceiling as it was a little over 9feet.

Next I'll go back to 1967 for an action shot of a young man that was swept out to sea about 4 miles off the coast of Barneget NJ. He was on an inflatable raft when a sudden wind and riptide got a hold of him, we had two helicopters on the weekend SAR watch at NAS Lakehurst and this was taken from one as the other made the pickup.

HC-2 UH2ARescue

              Off the NJ coast in 1967.

If you look you will see a smoke dropped in the water to give us the direction of the wind so we could hover into the wind.

This next couple is for my motorcycle buddies out there, this was when Harleys were still affordable to the working class, the 1980 FLT cost me $4500 in 1980 and the 1978 Police bike set the city back about $3000. Imagine what the prices are today.


              Sam & Donna in 1982.

Police Harley1982

          1978 Harley FLH Police bike, in 1982.

                       Sam'sHarley Flt-Flht1985

         Same Bike as above with the FLHT front end. 

This is my 1980 FLT, when it had the FLHT windshield and lights on for sport riding without the full fairing. I kind of liked it better like this and only used the fairing on cross country trips, it took about an hour to switch back and forth.

What was kind of weird was the FLT was not set up as a police special but was capable of over 100mph. The Police bike on the other hand was a police special and had a top speed of 90mph.

Okay there's your helicopter and bike fix for today. I have to say I am truly grateful to have had the experiences I have had in life between the Navy, the PD, Motorcycling, and all of our dogs. Remember the movie, It's a Wonderful Life. That's really true and you can still have a lot of fun with the companions and friends you meet out there in RV land.

Hope your weekend is going fine, It is quite here, Adam ,Nicky & Chris didn't come over, so maybe next week, I think the dogs and the girls needed a break this weekend, so far today nobody's cut my legs off with a sword. Boy do I miss that.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Sam, I thought you were turning 50 again when I saw the picture in the blog!

  2. Ohhh had to show Steveio your bike pics. He has his eye on a 1987 Harley FLHS that is on Craigslist... but tell him he don't need it!

    No more room on the motorhome hitch! hahahahahah

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. You miss having your legs cut off by a sword?? What's that all about? :)

  4. Those were some FABULOUS photos....Hey you two were some "happenin' kids" back then..and now!! Those good ol' days can never be repeated...loved the pictures....keep those memories alive!!!

  5. Man! You are a LUCKY man. Your Donna has a big heart! That's so nice of her to make her boss the goodies for his surprise party. She works hard at work, then works hard at home too. Plus, she's a total babe! LOVE that picture of her as the lion tamer...I mean Riggs trainer....all she needed was a chair to hold :) :)

    Love the pic of you on the motorcycle too! I bet you guys had some fun times on that monster! You look like a proud Papa sitting on it :)

    If our paths ever cross, and I REALLY hope they do, there's NO WAY you're getting out of making me a pizza! Or a lasagna (the really thick one like you had at Christmas!) Or even both ;)


  6. Lot of good memories for you in those old pics, Sam. Thanks for sharing them with us. Those old Harley's would be a fortune now!

  7. great trip down memory lane!..love the photo of the german shepard!..

  8. Been about a week behind in my blog reading - glad to see Donna is starting to feel better. Oh my, poor Riggs lost his family jewels, poor boy. Glad he is having a good recovery. Wish all pet owners would spay/neuter their pets. Loved the old photos. Donna looked like a fox in those short shorts!

  9. Great pictures from the past. You have been very blessed.

  10. Yes, we do appreciate all the great people we meet RVing and also those I talk to on their blogs. Every time I see a train - I gotta think of you. And we saw lots of them out in the desest as we drove I10 from Deming to Tucson yesterday.

    Some great bikes there!

  11. I love the Harley pictures. I'm not a fareing guy either, that's why I have a Softail. But I don't plan on any long trips. I know they are the BEST for that..
    Wish I had some of my old pictures. Somewhere along the line they all got seperated from me. To many moves across the country, too many x-wives. They all take their toll!! Be safe out there my man!