Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

It was 39 degrees when I got up this morning, but that was supposed to be the high for today and it will get colder as the day go's on. Supposed to be back in the 20's tonight for a few days. I took the three kids, Chris, Adam, & Nicole over to Pizza Street last night ( Friday), for the all you can eat buffet and of course then Grandpa passed out a couple bucks in quarters to each and they played in the arcade. As I have said before you just can't beat it for the price and I can feed the four of us for less the $20 and plus they enjoy the other kid's, if you have one in your area try it the pizza & pasta are good. I had to laugh, DONNA, from Sandwich, commented that my house IS The Pizza Street, one of these days I will devote a post on how I make a square pizza, from scratch, since the shells I brought back from PA and froze won't last forever, that's one of the reasons I took the kid's out, I forgot to take the shells out of the deep freeze and I just figured they deserved, a change and some fun time. The only thing is depending on where you are in the USA or Canada will depend on what types of cheese you use as the stuff I buy here is not available on the east coast or down south, so you may have to find out what you like or what your favorite pizza shop uses and substitute. That's what I did when I was up in PA.

Today was a great day, the house was filled with kid noise, and the xbox got a work out, Donna baked a couple of pans of Brownies, one is a gift and the other will start to disappear as soon as it cools,

Here are a couple of pictures so far.


Rigg's holding Sadie this morning on our bed.


            Nicole looks like she is winning.


Adam & Chris cleaning the mixing bowl and spatula's for Grandma.


Rigg's making sure nobody moves Dad & Nicole from the breakfast table.

Even though we didn't get to make our first snowbird trip this year, Things always seem to work out, My trip to PA. to nurse for my Sister Wendy worked out, by the way I got a Skype call from her yesterday with an update, she went to the Doctor Thursday, and he put on a monthly schedule now instead of every two weeks, he also recommended increasing her Therapy visits to twice a week instead of once, and told her to increase the ultrasound machine use at home. He said she is doing really well on her recovery and this will make it hopefully faster. I know she is really happy with the fact that she will be may be able to dispense with the walker for a cane before warm weather gets here. She said she is going upstairs now many times a day and that the railings I installed are a God send.

Here in the home front my Son & his girlfriend Samantha are bringing the kid's over just about every weekend, (we missed last weekend). So we have a house full of Grandkids just about every weekend.

Life is good here at the Weeb Ranch, as I have said before nothing makes a house a home more than when it is filled with the sound of children's laughter, we are so blessed that the three get along so well, And Sam is tickled that not only Sadie got over her initial shyness, but Nicole too, He is in seventh heaven as he never had a daughter and his Gran daughter always lived out of state.

Hope Life is Good for the rest of all our friends out there in Blogland, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. That's a great new header picture. I like snow pictures!

    It's always uplifting to read your blog, Sam.

  2. Sounds like your house is full most of the time! We love it when we have a houseful of kids here, too. When I was growing up, we always had kids over, staying all night, spread all over the living room floor...And guess what my Mom was known for??..yup, her homemade pizza!! Small world, eh?

  3. Love the picture of Sadie and Riggs. They are so cute together. Those brownies sure sound good too.

  4. Looks like the Fifth Wheel is in the deep stuff. I'll bet your grandkids have as much fun as you do on the weekends! Great stuff!

  5. nothing like a houseful of family to make it full of love!..have a great weekend!!!

  6. Looks like another great family weekend at Sam's Pizza Ranch! I'll be looking forward to your pizza recipe when you get a chance to post it.

  7. LOVE the shot of the kids licking the spatulas! I used to leave extra on the spoons and in the bowl for the kids too. Their reward for not sticking their fingers in the batter as I mix! hahahaha

    You have a wonderful home full of laughter and love. You are very blessed.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. What a great weekend. Doesn't sound like you could ask for more.

    Happy to here that Wendy is coming along nicely and is headed towards a good recovery.

    Kevin and Ruth