Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Another very cold morning woke up to ten degrees, the high was to be about 28 degrees. Had our coffee, Donna is off all day so she will get some rest.

I Decided to go to the Model Railroad Club for a little while this afternoon, haven't been there since before my PA trip. I took a couple of pictures, the first one reminded me of the train car being fixed up as a restaurant in Sandwich IL. ,the home of DENNIS & DONNA.


Bill's Kitchen, right next to Honest Sam's Car lot.

Then for all the firefighters out there.


                   Engine Co Number 2.

This is new since I was there last,


A Ballfield, Hope it's VFW Ball so you can get a beer.

And for my own memories,


            A Trailways bus loading passengers.

Then on the way home I stopped in front of the house and shot a picture of our fiver sitting on the pad next to the driveway, at 20 degrees it looks so cold and forlorn, maybe in a couple of months we will head out again. Hard to believe a few years ago the area between the two trees on the left and right was a 1/4 acre pond. such is progress.


               A cold Dardenne Prairie Day.

I got a question from JUDY, about a comment I made yesterday about not having my legs cut off with a sword yesterday. I better clarify that. When the kid's are here for the weekend they always end up playing Star Wars and become Jedi Knights with those plastic light sabers, and run around cutting( pretend cutting) various appendages from each others bodies, like any self respecting Jedi would. Grandpa always ends up getting his legs cut off, to the hysterical enjoyment of Nicole, who seems to think this the ultimate victory. She can really be a feisty knight of her own. Just like Sadie-Mae, Sadie is a feisty one for only a couple of pounds.

Forgot to mention Donna made a great breakfast this morning, a killer Bacon & Cheddar omelet with super sharp cheddar, it just doesn't get any better than this. When I asked her a few minutes ago what she wanted to do about supper which is only an hour and half away, she said I don't know I'm still stuffed from breakfast. Ah life is good.

Not much else going on today. were looking at a couple of days of snow predicted so time will tell how much we will get..the latest forecast says 2-4 inches, if it's four John Deere will be out that's for sure.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


  1. Whew! Thanks for the explanation. I was thinking it might be a little difficult to drive the truck and pull the fiver without any legs!! :)

  2. It was great seeing those models at the railroad club. I had to laugh reading the first one - "Honest Sam's Car lot"! Now, that's what you call a real oxymoron!!

    Donna's omelette breakfast sounded delicious!

  3. your fiver looks sad and forlorn!..but at least you all had a good day!!..one day closer to getting out on the road!!

  4. Looks like a nice set up with the RR cars and scenery. Hope it warms up in your neighborhood - it looks cold there!

  5. I absolutely LOVE omelets!!! We make them here lots too..Hey, what happened to the pond between those 2 trees...?'
    We are due for 2-4" of snow here too. big woop.
    ...and by the way, the train car still isn't open..they are working like crazy on the inside now...I will post about it again soon...

  6. Thought I saw Sandwich's Donna rushing out of Bill's Kitchen in pink & green pajamas with a Bud Light in her left hand & a triple decker cheeseburger in her right. Amazing how those models all look so life like.

  7. Cute little models. Not inot those things myself, but still think they are fasinating.