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Friday, January 21, 2011


Yep it's Friday, it was 1 degree on the kitchen window when I poured my coffee this morning, so I knew to day was a go no where, not do much day, After Donna headed out for work I decided I would put together my pizza making post, I want everybody to know this is strictly a works for me thing, each of you have your own preferences and by all means try them out.

First I will start with the basic essentials the pans, for the big shells I brought from PA. I just bought a large aluminum pan like you would for a turkey at Thanksgiving, disposable and cheap, yet they hold up for about a half a dozen bakings.They big shells and the big pan will NOT fit in an RV oven, so stick with the smaller cake sheets or round pizza trays.When you do one in the RV.



Next the shell or dough, I use one of three ways to go here, this time for ease of demonstration I will use one of the prepared and ready PA square shells, they can be found in stores all over in a round size that will fit you oven in the RV. I froze mine after getting them home, if you buy locally that is unnecessary. You can also use a pizza dough mix as shown I use two packages for a square pan, it just matters how thick a crust you want and how big pan you have. The other method I use is buying frozen loaves of dough, I didn't have any to show you here. but you just put a little flour on your pizza pan and put the frozen loaf down and let it that in the pan after you cover it loosely with a clean dish towel. After it rises I just flour my hands and press it out to the size of the pan and let it rise again for about 15-30 minutes.The mixes after they rise in a bowl covered with a towel I pour them onto the pan which has a little flour on it. and press them out the same way.


                        Shell or dough mix.

The sauce can be any kind you like, I used to cook whole tomatoes down in a frying pan with some tomato paste added until I had a nice saucy sauce. It took a couple hours and with the large amount of commercially available sauces out there, Ask yourself if it's worth the bragging rights to say I made the sauce from scratch, Not that I might not do it again, but pizza to me should be quick and easy and painless.


              Some of the sauces out there.

Cheese, again it is going to depend on where you are what kind of cheese you are going to be able to use, Here in MO. I use roped Hoffman Provel from Wisconsin, and then I grate White American whatever their store brand is . For the American I buy it in about a 2 pound block and I grate it at home, The provel they have already in a rope form like you find in salads, so that it what I use,  just find a cheese that will melt smoothly and not be to gooey like when you use straight provolone or mozzerella, I find that most people think of these as pizza cheeses and most pizza shops stay way from them. Ask you pizza place if he will recommend a good cheese.



               The cheese's and the grator.

I also have a hand cheese grator that I take in the RV.

Next you add the sauce to the shell, I just usually pour  some in the middle and work it with a spoon until the entire shell is covered, Again everyone's idea of how much is right is different, but the more you use the sloppier it is to cut.


After the sauce is done, I Liberally sprinkle Whole Oregano over the sauce, being Italian I may use more than most folks, but again do it to your taste.I also put a dash of Parmesan cheese on the sauce at this point. again let your taste govern this.


At this point would be where you would add the toppings you want, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, onions, just to name a few, since the grandkid's here will only eat a cheese pizza that is what I have to complete mine as. But add your topping and then go on to adding the cheese.


                         First the roped Provel.


                     Then the grated American.

A good hot oven between 375 and 400 for about 15 minutes with this shell will give you a nice brown crust and melted cheese that will have to sit for about 5 minutes or longer before it can be cut.

Like anything else I will probably have forgotten something, and agonize over it later , but I went step by step and Lord knows we do love our pizza here at the Weeb Ranch. I just put the whole shebang in the fridge and now all I will have to do is heat the oven later and pop it in.

What does is cost to make a big beauty like this, I would say about $9.00 to get that much pizza from a shop you would have to order a couple larges and that would be over $20. So it is economical, but not cheap. The cheese is what sets you back, but I buy enough to make two large for about $5.00 a pizza. the sauce is a dollar a pizza and the shell or mixes is $2.00 a pizza.

That's about it for today, I hope it was helpful and you all enjoy a great homemade pizza soon.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. What time do we eat I'll bring the cold one's..

  2. Yea!!! It just so happens I am making pizza tonight..I use 2 pkgs Betty Crocker pizza crust mix and make it on a cookie sheet...I see you don't cook your crust first, neither do I...I also don't cook my Italian sausage ..I just put little raw globs on, some fresh sliced mushrooms, pepperoni..I use mozzeralla and grated parm..salt pepper and Italian seasoning...I do believe we do it very much similar, eh?? Thanks for the post..I loved it..and got some good ideas on different cheeses...

  3. Oh my!! My stomach began to growl just reading your instructions! Mike and I love pizza so I will give your ideas a try. I do agree that pizza should be painless to make and yours sounds just right!!
    The price is half what you would pay at a pizza place...I like that!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!

  4. Thanks Sam, I'm going to follow your recipe and try it out on our BBQ while I'm down here in Desert Hot Springs. I've heard the BBQ's work great for pizza's so I'll see how it goes and let you know. Thanks for the detailed, informative instructions!

    Coming from an Irish heritage, one day I'll return the favor and tell you how to boil potatoes!

  5. Wow, 1 degree, now I feel warm, it is 26 degrees here. That pizza looks great!

  6. Oh my looks and sounds delicious. will have to try that

  7. Thanks Sam. You took the mystery out of a pizza. I think I could put one together and it might be fun too! I guess you and Donna are going to share it this evening after work huh?

  8. Looks like a great pizza for supper tonight. I sure do miss having pizza, there aren't many places that make a pizza shell with gluten free dough. I have brought a gluten free pizza dough mix with me, I think I will have to make on soon.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Can I order the Old Forge crusts online anywhere?

  10. I found it! You can order the crust online:

    Old Forge Style Pizza Crust Kit