Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Wow today is going to be a shorty, Donna volunteered for a shift at the restaurant from 11:00AM until 04:00PM, I had to take Adam back to Warrenton MO right after lunch, Chris and Nicole will be going home about the time Donna gets home, boy it is sure going to seem quiet around here. This morning there was a rousing game of Star Wars Jedi Knight, and even Rigg's got into the act by stealing a light saber that was left on the chair and then leading the merry chase around the house with three kids in pursuit, Grandpa stayed glued to the  kitchen chair so I wouldn't  get an appendage removed with a swift swipe of a light saber. It is so neat to have all that ruckus, but I guess that's why my Dad nicknamed my twin brother and I the Wrecking Crew, and when my next brother came along there were three of us , then my sister and then a fourth boy added more mayhem to our home, so now I have three here doing the same. I hope all of you out there with younger Grandkids get to have the same enjoyment that I do, of course Grandma keeps it in check when it gets too loud or rowdy. Donna was always the enforcer in this family, All she had to say was "That's It" and quiet was restored , at least for a short period. Well that's about it for today, no pictures, Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


  1. Yup, kids can sure be noisy. That's the way it should be! As fulltimers, we don't see them as often as we would want.

    Just last night I was talking to my daughter. Her 4 year old got on phone and wanted to know if we could come for a sleepover tonight. She is in MD, we are in AZ. She cried when told no. Breaks our heart. Thank heavens for airplanes!

    So - enjoy that noise and be careful not to get in the way of those swords.

  2. Having problems here again with wifi in and out. I did a post but not sure it connected so here goes...again...

    Having a house of laughter is a blessing. Especially when it is of the sound of children.

    Only downside of fulltiming is missing the grandkids. When talking to my daughter last night, her 4 year old asked if we would come for a sleepover tonight. We are in AZ, they are in MD. She cried when told we couldn't. Every few months we will fly back from wherever and hug those girls.

    But as for you, please keep away from those dangerous swords.

  3. Every family has to have an "enforcer" to keep the Jedi under contro...McGuyver is the obvious choice here...I would just create more havoc!

  4. The wrecking crew, huh? That explains a lot, Sam! :))

  5. Whew, you survived another game of Star Wars Jedi Knight. I guess your survival instincts kicked in and glued you to that chair!

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun Sam and glad you didn't get chopped in half with that jedi saber.

  7. just another 'quiet' sunday at your house!..sorry you were not the lucky recipient of the Olympic Mittens..maybe next time!!

  8. Sounds like you really enjoy your grandkids. I like being around ours too. They are so special.